To attain 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime, the player must accomplish all of the following:

  • Complete all storyline missions.
  • Destroy all 100 security cameras.
  • Complete all 50 stunt jumps.
  • Complete all 30 rampages.
  • Complete 25 Gang Wars.
  • Complete 25 Drug Wars.
  • Complete the following odd jobs: Paramedic, Vigilante, Taxi Driver, Firefighter, Tattoo Parlour, Noodle Run, Excess Delivery
  • Obtain all 21 safehouses.
  • Complete AmmuNation Shooting Range.
  • Meet all 13 Random Encounters.
  • Hold up one store.
  • Watch one movie at the cinema.
  • Complete Warehouse Raiding at least once.
  • Complete all 100 gang tags.
  • Unlock each friendship ability.


  • $50,000
  • Infinite ammunition for all weapons
  • Three bodyguards at the first safehouse
  • Double vehicle strength for any vehicle Mark Smith drives
  • Red bulletproof and fireproof Infernus can be purchased at Truck You for $10,000