The February 11, 2016 Ferris Wheel Massacre was the second-deadliest terrorist attack that occurred on Los Santos soil, and the second to involve The Coin Killer. It occurred on February 11, 2016 and resulted in 171 casualties.


On the morning of 2/11/16, The Coin Killer dressed up as a normal civilian and drove into the Del Perro Pier. He parked the car and walked normally toward the Ferris Wheel. He then discreetly placed two super charged, GTA universe sticky bombs near the base of the Ferris Wheel. No one saw this. Afterward, he drove away from the pier and detonated the bombs at 11:09 AM

The bombs caused the Ferris Wheel to immediately collapse and fall through the pier, to the water. This instantly killed all 27 passengers. 5 people fell through the pier when this happened and were killed. About 20 seconds after, at 11:10 AM, the Ferris Wheel fell through, it exploded, resulting in the entire Del Perro pier collapsing except for a small chunk at the end, where 9 people survived by remaining on that section.

139 people were killed on the pier when it exploded, which resulted in a total of 171 casualties. This made it the Coin Killer's second worst terrorist attack. Also, the Del Perro Pier's security camera headquarters were destroyed, so no footage of The Coin Killer's real face when he planted the bombs was able to be recovered. Thus, The Coin Killer is STILL at large.

The damage was estimated to cost approximately $1.6 billion. Reconstruction started on February 20, 2016 and is expected to last until 2018, with a new Del Perro Pier, stronger and better than the last one.

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