Coin Killer noospaper article 2

Newspaper article following the event.

The February 2, 2016 Airliner Hijack was the deadliest incident that occurred in Los Santos History. It occurred on February 2, 2016 in the heart of LS. It lasted approximately 120 minutes.


The Coin Killer's worst offense was when he drove into the airport and stole a passenger airliner carrying 251 people. He hijacked this plane and flew it about 50 feet from the Maze Bank Tower. He then bailed out of the plane with a parachute when it was in mid-air and let it hit a blimp. The blimp exploded and a wing flew off the plane, and the plane crashed into the neighborhood of Davis. The plane exploded and destroyed two low-density commercial buildings, resulting in 309 deaths total. The damage cost was estimated to be about $4 billion. The Coin Killer managed to escape.

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