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" The 666th Allied-Axis Division, also known as The Devil's mercenaries. They're dressed in all black and all of them are goth militants. Of course, they all speak in that emotionless tone of voice. Usually they cut any of their targets down to size easily with their sheer numbers."
―BAWSAQ Description
The 666th Allied Division is a paramilitary gang appearing in Los Santos. They are an extremely dangerous PMC with no morals, and are next to impossible to defeat alone. Their services are available to the GTA online protagonist when they own a bunker and a facility, as well as a hangar and are level 60.
666th Allied Division
[[Image:666th allied-axis division|200px|center]]
The roundel every aircraft and vehicle the 666th bears.
Games: Grand Theft Auto Online
Locations: Los Santos
Liberty City
Carcer City
Leader: Autumn Zephyra
Type: Paramilitary Organization
Enemies: LSPD
Clifford Mercenaries
Affiliations: Wardogs
Project Militia
MACV Stormriders
The Jade Mercenaries
Colors: Black
Vehicles: Rhino Tank
TM-02 "Khanjali"
Anti-Aircraft Trailer
Insurgent Pick-up
Turreted Limo
Dune FAV
Cuban 800
P-996 "LAZER"
P-45 "Nokota"
RM-10 "Bombushka"
Buzzard Attack Chopper
FH-1 "Hunter"
Weapons: Carbine Rifle
Combat MG
Grenade Launcher
Homing Launcher
AP Pistol
Heavy Sniper
Marksman Rifle
Assault SMG
Heavy Shotgun
Grenade Launcher
Combat PDW
Businesses: Aerial Escort
Wild Weasel
Counterinsurgency Operation
Strategic Bombing
Air Raids
Dog Fighting
Armored Escort.

Role in GTA Online

"We may seem like a band of scrubs, but we're a lot meaner than you think. When our guns are aimed at you, you'll regret ever deciding to fight us. We kill all that stands before us in a wall of lead, with sheer hatred."
―Autumn Zephyra
When the world was on the brink of a third world war, the 666th came into operations, consisting of ex-U.S. Military soldiers, pilots and tankers. They are quite possibly the most powerful gang in GTA Online, and can either be the player's best friend, or their worst nightmare.

They can be hired, for an expensive price. Most of their services have low prices to high prices ranging from $15,000 to $7,000,000. However, their prices are said to be reasonable, as they will assist the player for an infinite amount of time, until their task is finished. There can be multiple services called in at once.

If fired upon, the 666th will turn against the player, and will pursue them across the map until they kill the GTA Online protagonist with Barrage buggies, Insurgents, RM-10 Bombushkas, P-996 LAZERs and Hunters, and will not provide any services for the player for three in game days. If evaded, the 666th will set a bounty on the player for upwards of ten thousand dollars.

It is next to impossible to fight the 666th, requiring the help of atleast 25 GTA Online protagonists with fully upgraded weaponized vehicles and aircraft, as well as six orbital cannons.

The player may choose to either watch the 666th fight off their adversaries, or assist them; and risk getting a wanted level. Once the adversary is dealt with, and the player has acquired a wanted level, they will fight the police until an escape aircraft or getaway vehicle arrives to the scene; allowing the player to make their escape.

If another player you sent 666th after will evade them, your money will be refunded; but only half of it

Lastly, they are able to fight more than one of the player's adversaries, be it the LSPD/Blaine County Sheriff/Military, Merryweather Security, another gang, or a band of other GTA Online Protagonists ganging up on you. The maximum amount of adversaries they are able to fight until their forces withdrawal are three adversaries.


There are multiple divisions of the 666th, the first being the infantry division. The infantry divisions consist of nine platoons ranging in skill level, plus seven special forces platoons. The platoons mainly operate the light armored vehicles, such as the Insurgent Pick-Up or any other light armed and armored vehicle. They also have access to Annihilators. The special forces platoons are the hardest platoons to defeat, seeing they all carry the best weaponry of the PMC. There is approximately 70,000 troops in the infantry division.

The second division of 666th is the helicopter force. There are multiple task forces, as well as wings that fly the light attack helicopters, transport helicopters, and the gunships. There is approximately 8,683 helicopters and 7,763 pilots in the helicopter force.

The third division of the 666th is the Air force. There are multiple squadrons within the air force, that operate either fighter jets, ground attack aircraft, or gunship attack planes. Most of the time, when there is a counterinsurgency operation, or just a conventional ground attack operation in effect, there are usually LAZERs, Pyros or Hydras in the area protecting the attack aircraft from being shot down. There are approximately 9,079 aircraft and 8,000 pilots in the air force.

The fourth division of 666th is the ground forces. They not only have access to tanks, APCs, Half-tracks and LAPVs, but also have access to gunship attack helicopters. There are three types of ground forces in the 666th. There's the light armored division, the medium armored division, and the anti-armor division. There is approximately 10,000 armored vehicles in the ground force.

The fifth division of 666th consists of the strategic attack troops. They mainly operate the five Orbital cannons that are floating in space above Los Santos. Followed by that, they also operate seventy squadrons of Volatol stealth bombers, consisting of 15 Voltatols per squadron, which would be 1,050 Volatol bombers

The sixth division of the 666th is the transport division. They mainly operate cargo planes and unarmed RM-10 "Bombushka" gunships that not only transport cargo, but paratroopers as well. There is about 4,560 aircraft in the transport division

The seventh and last division of 666th is the commanders division. Ground command operates about four Mobile Operations Centers in the area, as well as a few Brickades that act as command centers. The air command operated Avengers and unarmed RM-10 "Bombushka" gunships. Both of the command forces are able to command the ground forces and the air forces where to attack. There is also scout Buzzards and Valkyries available to the command division


Service Description Ingame Effect Price
Wild Weasel "Getting harassed by anti-air emplacements? With the help of the 666th, either a Hydra or a P-996 LAZER will help take out any anti-air emplacements, be it a Chernobog, the Galaxy Super Yacht, or an Anti Aircraft Trailer or an APC, the 666th will not stop until the anti-aircraft fire stops." The 666th will direct a P-996 LAZER or a Hydra to destroy any anti-aircraft artillery that is harassing the player. If any of the 666th's aircraft are shot down, more and more aircraft will arrive in an attempt to stop the AA fire with increasing intensity and precision. 86,000
Fighter Cover "Unable to win any dogfights? With the help of the 666th; your aerial adversary will have to run endlessly until they are shot down by the pilots of the 666th" Eight P-996 LAZERs or eight Hydras, or even four LAZERs and four Hydras will provide aerial escort, and will shoot down any weaponized aircraft that will attempt to shoot you down. $99,000
Light Armored Escort "Are you under harassment by the LSPD or trying to piss the neighbors off? No problem. A convoy of our light armor will help deal with any of your adversaries." A convoy of Dune FAV and Night Sharks, as well as troops from the 666th will attack any hostile people in the area, while a Turreted Limo will come pick you up, and let you make your escape. Can only be deployed if you have a wanted level of three stars or more. $52,000
Medium Armored Escort "Were the Dunes and Nightsharks not powerful enough to stop the LSPD or the overpowered sociopath that keeps killing you? Not a problem. A convoy of our medium armor can come assist you and help you make a getaway." A convoy of Insurgent Pickups, Barrage Buggies, and a few Buzzard attack choppers, Valkyries, or Annihilators will shortly arrive to the scene, followed by a Nightshark that is towing an anti-aircraft trailer will arrive, allowing the player to make their escape while the 666th's soldiers and vehicles will deal with your adversaries $66,000
Heavy Armored Escort "If the Insurgents, Barrages and helicopters were destroyed, we have one more option; our heaviest armor and our heaviest gunships to wipe your adversaries off of the face of the earth." A convoy of APCs, TM-02 Khanjalis, Autocannon-armed Half-tracks and Rhino tanks, followed by four Hunters will arrive to the scene, while either a Barrage Buggy, or an Insurgent Pickup towing an anti-aircraft trailer will arrive to the scene, allowing the player to evade. $85,000
Gunship Support I "Are there insurgents in the area harassing you? No problem; with the help of a Mogul gunship; the insurgency will be brought to an end." A Mogul gunship will strafe the area multiple times, and drop bombs on anything that is attacking you. Can only be used when there is no weaponized aircraft or anti-aircraft emplacements set up. Mostly useful when Wild Weasel is being used as well. $35,000
Gunship Support II "Did the Mogul get shot down? No worries! We'll send an RM-10 "Bombuska" gunship to your area to erase the insurgents." An RM-10 "Bombushka" will circle around the area and fire its explosive cannons at anything attacking you. Despite it has countermeasures, it is best used when air superiority has been acquired. $51,000
Gunship Support III "If the Bombushka was taken down, we're not done just yet. we'll send two RM-10 "Bombushka" gunships, two Mogul gunships, a Rogue attack plane, two Hunters, a Hydra and four P-996 LAZERs to deal with these radical scum." Two RM-10 Bombushka gunships will circle around the area while two Mogul light bombers strafe the area and drop a few bombs, with two Hunters and a Buzzard firing their weaponry at anything that is attacking you followed by three precision air strikes provided by the Hydra and a Rogue, while four LAZERS provide the helicopter gunships and attack planes with protection, and attack the area as well. All of the aircraft come with chaff protection. $72,000
Gunship Support IV "If the insurgency was able to handle all of that firepower, we have one more option. Four RM-10 Bombushka gunships will arrive to the scene, followed by four Hunter attack choppers, and five P-996 LAZERs to defend these aircraft from any enemy aircraft. Take it or leave it." Four RM-10 "Bombushka" gunships will circle around the area at varying altitudes, dropping chaff frequently to avoid being locked onto, followed by five minutes of intense fire from the four Bombushkas, four hunter attack choppers will arrive to the scene and fire their chain guns, and barrage rockets, followed by them destroying any enemy armor in the area. Five P-996 LAZERS will also provide air cover for the aircraft. All of the aircraft frequently drop flares and chaff. $110,000
Precision Air Strike I "If you need a precise airstrike, we can re-route a P-996 LAZER or a Hydra to fire a few missiles and a few bursts of its cannons, followed by a number of missiles." Either a P-996 "LAZER" or a Hydra will strafe the area with its explosive cannons, followed by dropping a few bombs; and then firing five missiles. Either of the aircraft will drop chaff or flares after every attack it makes. It is also immune to any lock-on weapons. $28,000
Precision Air Strike II "Is it an intensely precise airstrike you need? No Worries! We'll send three P-996 LAZERs and a Hydra to the area to attack the area." Three P-996 "LAZER" fighter-bombers will drop a few bombs as well as a few missiles. Followed by that, a Hydra will arive to the scene in VTOL mode, firing a few bursts of its explosive cannons, as well as multiple barrage missile bursts at any opposing player. The Hydra is also capable of shooting down any hostile helicopters in the area. $45,000
Precision Air Strike III "If we our second option wasn't intense enough, we'll send five P-996 LAZER fighters plus three Hydras to attack the area. Take it or leave it." Five P-996 "LAZER" fighter-bombers will arrive to the scene. Two of them will strafe the area with their explosive cannons, one will fire missiles, and another will drop bombs. The last one will fire all three weapons systems on the LAZER. Followed by the LAZERs flying away, three Hydras will arrive to the scene in VTOL mode, one of them will fire its explosive cannons, the other will fire lock-on and barrage rockets and unguided rockets, while the last one fires all of the weapons available to the Hydra. All of the aircraft frequently drop flares and chaff $69,000
Counterinsurgency I "Need a quick bomb dropped on something or someone? No problem, we'll send a Cuban 800 to drop a quick bomb, and then leave the area" A Cuban 800 will fly in, and drop a single bomb on a target and then fly out. Can only be used if there are no other aircraft in the area that are armed. It is easily shot down by anti-aircraft emplacements. $16,000
Counterinsurgency II "Did the Cuban 800's bombing run not impress you, and you want to experience a blast from the past? No worries! We can send in a P-45 "Nokota" fighter bomber to strafe the area multiple times, and fire a few rockets at anything you want it to destroy." A P-45 "Nokota" will enter the area, and strafe the ground multiple times, and fire a few missiles as well. It is capable of defending itself from weaponized aircraft, and also comes with chaff protection. It will also do a few dive bombing runs on the targets as well with both of its machine guns and its missiles. It will also frequently deploy chaff to prevent it from getting locked onto by the homing launcher or any anti-air emplacements. $38,000
Counterinsurgency III "If the Nokota wasn't enough, we have one more option, the Rogue. The Rogue will destroy anything, with its explosive cannons, and guided missiles." A Rogue will fly in, and destroy anything in its path with its explosive MGs, missiles, and bombs. It is fully capable of defending itself from attacks. After every single attack it will make, it will deploy chaff to prevent it from getting locked onto. $52,000
Counterinsurgency IV "If only one Rogue wasn't satisfying, we'll send in two Rogues instead, with the company of two Nokotas as well. May your enemies plead for your mercy" Two Rogues, as well as two P-45 "Nokota" fighter bombers will arrive to the scene, and strafe the ground, as well as destroy vehicles with their guided missiles. $83,000
Counterinsurgency V "If four of our attack aircraft can't tame the insurgency; we have one more option. We'll send three RM-10 Bombushka gunships, and three Rogues to the area; in hope the insurgency can be destroyed. Take it or leave it." Three RM-10 "Bombushka" gunships will circle around the area, firing their explosive thirty millimeter cannons. Followed by ten minutes of intense fire from the Bombushka gunships, the Rogues will blindside the hiding enemies, and finish them off with a burst of their explosive autocannons, and a few missiles, as well as five bombs from each Rogue. $105,000
Anti-Armor Helicopter Support I "Need to eradicate a few armored vehicles? Not a problem! We will dispatch a Buzzard Attack Chopper, an Annihilator or a Valkyrie transport gunship to dispose of any armored vehicles in the area" Either a Buzzard, Annihilator, a Valkyrie attack chopper will enter the area and destroy any light armored vehicle with guided missiles and explosive armor piercing machine guns. $20,000
Anti-Armor Helicopter Support II "Is there more than one armored vehicle in the area that is causing you issues? No worries, we will send a Hunter gunship attack helicopter to eradicate any enemy armor in the area" a Hunter gunship attack helicopter will enter the area and fire its explosive cannon, barrage rockets at armored vehicles, or fire guided missiles at any armored vehicles that are in the vicinity. $39,000
Air Superiority "Is there an attack helicopter or a jet attacking you and you need it taken down? No problem! We'll send a P-996 LAZER, a Hydra or a Pyro to shoot down anything that is attacking you" A P-996 LAZER, a Hydra or a Pyro will fly in, and shoot down any aircraft; hostile or not with either their machine guns or their guided missiles $25,000
1st Platoon Assault "Our 1st platoon of mercenaries can help you deal with your adversaries." Two fully loaded Insurgent Pickups and an Annihilator will arrive to the scene, and ensue a battle on anything that is attacking you. $10,000
2nd Platoon Assault "Our 2nd Platoon of mercenaries can also help you deal with your adversaries in assisting both you and our 1st platoon." Four fully loaded Insurgent pickups, plus an Insurgent pickup towing an anti-aircraft trailer, followed by two Annihilators and a Buzzard attack chopper will arrive to the scene and fight anything causing you issues. Can be deployed besides the 1st platoon. $20,000
Special Forces Assault "Have you always wondered how special operations forces worked? No problem! If anything is causing you problems, we will send our most elite mercenaries after your adversaries." Six insurgent pickups, plus two Insurgent pickups towing anti-aircraft trailers, plus four Avenger attack planes and two Hunter attack gunships will arrive to the scene and fight off your adversaries. Can be deployed with the first and second platoons. $60,000
Paratroopers Assault "Ever wanted to relive the days of World War II when paratroopers were dominant? No worries! We'll send four Titans to the area to deploy our paratroopers." Four Titans will arrive to the scene and deploy fifteen paratroopers per plane. $25,000
Carpet Bombing I "Need an area flattened? No problem, we'll send a Voloatol bomber to the area to drop bombs on anything you need destroyed." A lone Volatol bomber will flly high over the area, and drop 100 bombs on the area. it will drop chaff every time it is locked onto. $65,000
Carpet Bombing II "Need an area flattened quicker? No worries! We'll send more Volatol bombers your way, to flatten the area more intensely, until the area is a barren wasteland" Nine Volatol bombers will fly high over the area, and drop a total of 900 bombs on the area $120,000
Carpet Bombing III "Want an area to become a barren wasteland? No Issues, we'll send a squadron of fifteen Volatol bombers to flatten the area. Your enemies will cower in fear of the bombs." Fifteen Volatol bombers will fly over the area, and drop a total of 1,500 bombs on the area, while dropping chaff any time they are locked onto by any anti-air emplacements. $170,000
Carpet Bombing IV "If fifteen Volatols can't flatten what brings your displeasure, we have one more option. We will send 30 Volatol bombers, which is two squadrons of them to drop bombs on your enemies." Thirty Volatol bombers will arrive to the scene at a high altitude, dropping a total of 3,500 bombs on the area. They also come with P-996 LAZER fighter cover, consisting of about fifteen LAZERs, which will protect the Volatols from enemy air attacks. The Volatols will also drop flares or chaff to prevent them from being locked onto. $250,000
Quarter Scale Invasion "Want to only see a quarter of our power? No worries, We'll send a quarter of our forces to the area, ensuing total war on your target." A quarter of the 666th's forces will arrive to the scene, and deploy a quarter of their forces. $666,000
Half-Scale Invasion "Want to see half of our power? No issues needed. We will deploy half of our forces to the area." Half of the 666th's forces will be deployed to a certain area. 985,000
Full-Scale Invasion "Would you like to see just how powerful the 666th Allied-Axis Division really is? No issues! We will send every single aircraft, armored vehicle, soldier, helicopter, bomber, and gunship to the area, until the area has been flattened." Every soldier of the 666th, as well as type of aircraft and vehicle will arrive to the area, and flatten the area until there is nothing left. Followed by the assault, six conventional cruise missiles will arrive to the area, followed by a Titan dropping the Massive Ordnance Air Blast $1,950,000
Mother of all bombs "Ever wonder just how powerful the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. is? Fear not! We'll send a Titan, to the area to drop a massive ordnance air blast on the area, and you'll get to see a live mushroom cloud!" A titan will fly over the area at a relatively low altitude, and drop a Massive Ordnance Air Blast on the area. $100,000
Orbital Cannon Strike "It looks like you aren't the only person who owns an orbital cannon. We own five that are currently floating in space above Los Santos!" When activated, the player may fire five orbital cannons at one area, in a chain reaction. NOTE: The player must own an orbital cannon beforehand to use this. $900,000
Anti-Orbital Cannon Strike "Are people gunning you down with their orbital cannon? Don't worry, we can reposition one of our orbital cannons over Los Santos to shoot down your enemy's orbital cannon" With the use of one of the 666th's orbital cannons, you are able to temporarily disable another player's orbital cannon NOTE: To use this service, the player must own an orbital cannon. $2,560,000
Anti-Orbital Cannon Strike II "Is there more than just one person constantly gunning you down with their orbital cannon? No worries! We'll let you use two of our orbital cannons to temporarily disable another person's orbital cannon, and then destroy another one after that." By using two of the 666th's orbital cannons, two players' orbital cannons will be disabled by a shot from two orbital cannons of the 666th use. NOTE: To use this service, the player must own two facilities with an orbital cannon beforehand to use this service. $4,000,000