Hank: "So son,whats....up?"

David: "Who're you?"

-David and his dad after a few years

A Happy Reunion is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory where David do it independently from his house in Duin.

Location: Shade Avenue, Duin, Sundale

Given by: David Hudson

Rewards: Hank as a contact

Unlocked: Breaking In

Unlocked by: Grand Theft Madness! and Smooth Escape


David relax in his home and heard someone knocking the door, he open it and meet with a familiar face who he cannot remember claiming he his father.


As David and his father is chatting,Hank realize he lost his memory. Soon, they are attack by some mercenaries searching for David. David and his father escaped to Sky Blue Park,David and Hank soon eliminate the mercenaries and escape again before the police arrive. David send his father to home,Hank give him his phone number so they could chat sometime. The mission is completed one Hank enter the house.


  • Escape to Sky Blue Park.
  • Eliminate the mercenaries.
  • Send Hank home.




Hank is available to contact and the next mission is unlocked.

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