Ken: "So you came, I wonder if you gonna help me with something"

David: "So, that why you call me. I have enough working with your father, see ya"

Ken: "You ain't get anything from that asshole, help me and you get some rewards and maybe something that my father know"

-David and Ken

A Little Flavour is the 15th mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory and the first mission given to the protagonist by Ken Linton.

Location: Duin's Port,Howzen,Sundale

For: Ken Linton

Rewards: $520

Unlocks: Robbing Sammy

Unlock by: Family Problems

Mission description

David goes to the port after getting a call from Krank's adoptive son, Ken, he explains he wanna David help him in exchange for his brother nowhere. He suggests robbing a convenience store, they head to the gas station in N.W Street.


Go to N.W Street and goes to the gas station. Enter normally then aim the gun at the clerk, the player could kill the clerk to make the work faster. After that, head to Ken's new apartment, he gives you the rewards and has some more work for him. The mission complete as the player leaves the area.


  • Go to N.W Streets.
  • Enter the store.
  • Aim the gun at the clerk.
  • Lose the cops.
  • Go to Ken's apartment.


The next mission in unlocking with David getting Ken's number and David could rob any stores


  • At the start of the police chase, all vehicles that the player enter will play the music "Chasing the Riggin" which could be heard in Flowback FM.
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