Aaron is a character in the upcoming gta fan game by Zerolandteam385.


The 23 years old Aaron Berdevan arrives at Los Santos and is taken by Franklin Clinton in his home, there they talk about how they will beat The Ballas Gang, as Franklin gets out of the house a bit a Flatbed Crane Truck driven by Ballas Members attacks with it's crane Franklin, injuring him, then the truck drives off to The Beach then Aaron starts to work with the Grove Street Gang, after some missions Aaron along with 3 other Grove Street make an attack against the Ballas however a car (driven by a ballas member) runs in a Grove Street Member, killing him, a war starts between the gangs and the Grove Street Gang seems to win so 8 ballas get in the Flatbed Crane Truck and try to escape as Aaron and 5 Grove Street Members start to chase the truck, then the driver of the truck gets a call from the secret co-leader of the Ballas who is seemingly is a killer clown named The Antynudity. The Antynudity tells the driver to drive to the airport so they can escape to Mexico (Antynudity waits them in Mexico) as the Grove Street Members and Aaron try to shoot the truck, the truck hits some of the cars and escape.

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