Within the world of Detox, there are various activities you can do, whether it be gang-related, or just for you to have fun!


  • Gang War: You can lead The Families into a shoot-out against various different gangs to gain influence and respect in the criminal underworld, as well as new territory for the Families, and loot.
  • Drive-By: Drive by a rival gang and shooting at them from inside your car. You can either be the driver or the shooter.
    • You can initiate drive-bys with the following gangs: Ballas, Vagos, Triads, The Lost MC, and Aztecas.
  • Drug Dealing: You can sell drugs to pedestrians or other Families members across Los Santos. Certain drugs will be worth more money in certain parts of the city. You can also earn drugs to sell during gang wars or drive-bys.
    • The drugs that can be sold are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy.
  • Street Racing: You can take your vehicle and participate in the street racing underground. There are two types of races:
    • Drag Race/Quarter Mile: Race against one opponent from one street light to the next. You and your opponent will put your cars on the line: if you win you get the loser's car, but if you lose, you have to hand over your car.
    • Lapped Race: Race against multiple opponents in a 3-lap race. Everyone pitches in the same amount of money; the winner gets the biggest payout, second place gets second biggest, etc..
  • Car Theft: Steal various different vehicles, and sell them to make money. The nicer the car, the bigger the payout.
  • Assassination: You can be hired by pedestrians or other Families members to take out a target/targets. The quicker the job is finished, the bigger the payout.