Adjustment Issues
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: N/A
Location: Vixen Street, White Oaks Hill Safehouse
Target: N/A
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Enzo dies
Driving the BlueTech Rhapsody irreponsibly too much
Killing a pedestrian in the BlueTech Rhapsody.
Reward: BlueTech Rhapsody
Unlocks: Ride-Along
Unlocked by: Caldwell's New Arrivals

Adjustment Issues is the second mission of Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf and first playabale mission. It is automatically started after Caldwell's New Arrivals and it features a minor timeskip where the game fast-forwards six months.


Despite having been in Caldwell for six months; Enzo has been unable to keep a job due to adjustment issues and Samantha decides to help him get a job at Pizza This near Pines on Wormley Street.

She calls for an Unten from the UntenCab Service and travels with him to Pizza This before contacting BlueTech and being received the company car - a modified Rhapsody - and drives off towards BlueTech to meet her employee.


  • Call an Unten.

After the cutscene the player has to call an Unten so that Enzo and Samantha can go to Pizza This on Wormley Street near Pines.

  • Call BlueTech

After leaving Enzo to meet the employer the player is now tasked with calling BlueTech near Worthington Knoll on Buyers' Boulevard and told that a BlueTech Employer will meet her and see how she handles company property before her interview

  • Get in the car.

The BlueTech Employee arrives in a BlueTech Rhapsody and gets her to drive while she observes her driving style in passenger seat.

  • Go to BlueTech.

The player can take any route to arrive at BlueTech other than the recommended route but constantly crashing into other vehicles or running down pedestrians was automatically cause the mission to restart at the checkpoint.

  • Go meet the BlueTech Employer

After arrive at BlueTech; the player will be instructed to go meet with the Employer and as they enter the Employer's Office; they'll switch to Tristan Kirby.


Following the mission being completed; Samantha will have access to a BlueTech Rhapsody as her first personal vehicle by she'll be temporarily unplayable until Loving Husband and the player will be required to play as Tristan to progress.