Adrian Ledoux
Also known as: Adrian
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1956
Place of birth: Quebec, Canada
Home: Lergdon Drive, Ludendorff, North Yankton
Nationality: Franco-Candian
Main affiliation: Wally Haygaard
Adrian Ledoux, more commonly known as Motherfucker Ledoux is a Franco-Canadian male and an ally to Wally Haygaard in Grand Theft Auto: Ludendorff. He is the leader of the Chosen Few, a small group of criminals. He was a Liberty City Police Department sergeant before moving to Ludendorff. He faces every situation with a very dark sense of humor and witty remarks which compliment his nothing-to-lose demeanor. Ledoux earned his nickname because of his vicious nature when dealing with people who get in his way.

Adrian Ledoux is a morally ambiguous person when dealing with people and the Marauders.

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