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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1970
Place of birth: Caldwell
Date of death: 2018
Home: Rivertown, Caldwell
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: Kloud Krew
Vehicle(s): Cobra
Businesses: Extortion

Adrian Lee is character in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf and the Kludd of the Kloud Krew.


Adrian Lee is a White Supremacist and highly Xenophobic. He is controlling, hot-headed, and vindictive as anyone who tries to end an alliance with the Krew are ordered killed. He refuses to deal with any ethnic gangs and will avoid leaving the Open/Close Club if he can help.


Adrian Lee first rose to paper during the 90s and began recruiting in his Krew after his father passed away. He spent most of his life working with his father as an altar boy and was often punished by his father when he became envious of other kids due being an only child or when he expressed greed about the lack of sharing.

Adrian Lee tell rebranded his Krew as the Kloud Krew as the numbers of members grow over the years and eventually he secluded himself to the Open/Close Club in order to avoid the other growing economy.

Mission appearances

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