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Alan Nygaard
Alan Nygaard.png
Also known as: December Man
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1976
Place of birth: Hancock, North Yankton
Home: Kneadmoor Rd., Pollock Hills, Ludendorff.
Nationality: American

Heather Nygaard (Sister)
Robert Nygaard (Father)
Bertha Nygaard (Mother)

Main affiliation: Ed Mott (Former)


Voiced by: Ned Luke
Prison wasn't too bad; three square meals a day, a warm bed, and plenty of friends if you beat up the bully. The only problem is, that I was alone because my asshole of a friend left me for dead. Karmas a bitch, eh?
―Alan Nygaard[src]

Alan Nygaard is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the protagonist of . ---.

Alan grew up in Hancock, where he frequently caused trouble. He later worked for "Lucky" Ed Mott and his crime syndicate as a partner in Hancock, and eventually Ludendorff. In 1992, Alan Nygaard and Ed Mott attempted to rob an armored truck but were met with police resistance. Alan Nygaard was arrested and only released in 2014 due to "good behavior". Alan is the brother of Heather Nygaard and son of Robert and Bertha Nygaard.