Aleksandr Dimayev
Aleksandr Dimayev
Appearance(s): GTA: The Revenge
Also known as: Alek
Status: Unknown
Date of birth: 1989
Place of birth: Russia
Nationality: Russian
Family: Vladimir Dimayev (Father)
Adam Dimayev (Brother)
Main affiliation: Dimayev & Co Holdings
Devin Weston
Adam Dimayev
Russian Mafia
Niko Bellic
Michael de Santa (Formerly)
Kenny Petrovic (Formerly)

Lenny Avery Real Estate Wolfs International Realty

Vehicle(s): Players choice
Businesses: Dimayev & Co Holdings

"We forgive and we forget, but this one you're gonna have to remember."
―Aleksandr Dimayev saying to Leonardo de Luca before executing him

Aleksandr Dimayev also known as Alex is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: The Revenge.

Aleksandr Dimayev (Also known as: Alek) is a rich russian businessman who owns a large Holding Company who owns many businesses in Los Santos, San Fierro, Liberty City, Vice City and Ludendorff, he also runs an arms dealing ring, during the last mission he chases Niko Bellic with a tank around Liberty City when Niko crashes and Alek shoots the car with the tank, he then gets out and pays his respect to the burning car where Niko is before taking off with his tank to the airstrip where they get picked up by Yusuf Amir's golden cargobob, Yusuf and Alek drives back to San Fierro where they are seen at Alek's yacht during his 50 year birthday when Alek get's shot in the stomach, all the party guests starts shooting at the assassin, but he manages to escape. At the end of the game when Alek dies you get to play as the Niko who managed to survive the accident and assassinate Alek. During the credits it's hinted that Alek surived the assassination as you can see Yusuf, Daniel, Alberto and Tommy walking out of the Linkton Memorial Hospital in San Fierro with a person who looks like a pale, sick Alek although this is only an easter egg.

SFPD Database record

First Name:Aleksandr
Place of Birth:Russia
  • Linked to Russian Organized Crime
Criminal Record:
  • 2008 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 2013 - Manslaughter
  • 2020 - Armed Robbery
  • Immigrated to the US, possibly illegally, from Russia.
  • Believed to be head of an arms dealing ring based in San Fierro.
  • Wanted by the FBI for tax evasion.
  • Former KGB, wanted by the Russian Government for stealing military hardware.
  • Known to Import & Export exotic cars to Russia and America.
  • Owns multiple of American companies.

Mission Appearances

GTA V GTA San Fierro Stories

  • Being the protagonist he appears in all missions (Killed)
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