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Alessandro Vivaldi
L&S Alessandro
Alessandro photo from VCBI document
Biographical information
Full name Alessandro Vivaldi
Nickname(s) Artist
Majestic VII (VCBI code)
Born 1973 in Campania, Italy
Citizenship Italian
Family Unnamed wife
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Founder of Concatenatio
Affiliations Concatenatio
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Claudio Cupellini

Alessandro Vivaldi, known as "The Artist" is a character appears as major antagonist in Light & Shadow. The founder and leading head of Concatenatio corporation as well as one of the mastermind behind "The Third Side" movement.

Due to his interest in art, philately, and his habit to play piano when facing a problem; he attain title of “Artist”, aesthetic in both art and crime world.



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