Peter: "Finally,I found you,asshole. Now ready to die!"

David: "What the fuck!?Who're you and why you call me here!?"

Peter: "Don't play dumb dumbass!Guys!Ready to kill this guy!"

-David and Peter at the bistro.

An Old Or New Enemy? is the tenth mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory, which David undergoes independently after a call from a mysterious guy who reveal to be Peter, a guy who seem to hold a grudge against David for his past deeds which David can't remember.

Location: Tony Lone's Bistro,Luken

Rewards: N/A

Unlocks: Hydro Trouble

Unlock by: Chasing The Spies and Deal Wars

Mission Description

After David got a phone call from a mysterious person. He heads to Tony's Lone Bistro in Leval Street,Luken. It turns out to be an ambush from the mysterious person who revealed to be Peter Lusy. David needs to fend them off and get out alive.


You meet with the mysterious person who reveals to be Peter. He ambushes you with some member of the Saul's Dealer Group. Peter run off as you finish the last one living you with the police on your tail,lose them off,head back to your apartment and the mission is complete.


  • Kill off the ambush.
  • The police is on your tail,lose it.
  • Head back to your apartment

Post-Mission Call

Mysterious Person: Finally I found you

David: Who are you?

Mysterious Person: You playing joke are you? Come to Tony's Lone Bistro and we talk!

David: Wait! Who the heck are y-Dammit! He hung up.


Even though there is no reward for this mission, David could be attacked by some hitmen randomly, possibly sent by Peter. The mission Hydro Trouble is also unlocked.

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