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When I read about Homes as a young kid, I thought becoming a detective would be a cool adventure. Now, there's no difference despite I must being corrupt in a good way.
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Andrea Acconcia
L&S AndreaAcconcia
Biographical information
Full name Andrea Acconcia
Nickname(s) Andre
Known aliases Andrea Rosciglione (FIB name)
Born 1986 in Sicily, Italy
Citizenship Italian
Family Federico Acconcia (father †)
Annalisa Acconcia (mother †)
Fabio Acconcia (Twin brother)
Elena (fiancée †)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6' (1.83 m)
Career information
Occupation Private investigator
Affiliations Tacconi Crime Family
Thomas Kingston
Maria Vinogradova
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Raoul Bova

Andrea Acconcia is one of the three main protagonists in Light  & Shadow along with Thomas Kingston and Maria Vinogradova. A corrupt private investigator affiliated with Tacconi Crime Family as their interrogator and informant. Also occasionally disguised as FIB agent during his missions. 

In the game, Andrea learned fencing combat sport that allow him to wield melee weapons, especially long one (such as sword and pool cue) better than the other. As a private investigator, he can show his fake FIB ID to the cops to remove his wanted stars (only up to three stars).


Andrea was born in Sicily countryside to Federico and Annalisa Acconcia, at the same day when his twin brother Fabio born. The location where they live was also one of many Sicilian Mafia turf, where they operate outside law enforcement sights.
"We're already taught how to lie since we're child"
―Regarding his childhood
Grew up in a family of literature and film connoisseurs, Andrea and Fabio became obsessed with fantasy adventure stories and dreaming of a journey just like other kids on their age. However, the twin got bored into it as they grew up as a teenager just because they find out the reality. "No adventure left in this world".

They soon found a collection of his father old Poliziotteschi films while cleaning the attic. Something that revive their passion of adventure, Andrea and Fabio agrees that it's more logical as crime world really exists in real world. Of course they watch it quietly, as their father will displeased seeing his two son watch such a mature contents.

This inspires Andrea to become a detective, while Fabio desire was in crime. The two are inseparable since then, sometimes plays cop-criminal roleplay in their childhood, but things get different as they grew up.

This starts when they reach 18, Andrea went to Palermo to study criminology, while Fabio joined the local Sicilian Mafia and get involved in many of their crime activity. Federico and Annalisa pour their hearts more on Andrea rather than Fabio, especially after they know that he involved in the mafia. Fabio driven away from his parents, while Andrea maintained his relations with him. Despite choosing a different path of life, the two still keep in contact in a close relations.
"I don't really remember about my first office, except that I use a stolen license plate as the sign"
―About his first office
Not long after his graduation, Andrea opens a private investigator services in Visciari, Trapani about 75 km east from Palermo. He choose to work in Visciari countryside since it's reminded him to his life with his family, as both his parents already dead at that time. Second, it's known for it's high homicide rate and a turf of a local unknown Sicilian mafia and redneck communities. His first case involving a woman who just lost her husband, an agent in TRI. He soon discover that a local farmer just killed him and hide his body in a corn field, the motive is simply because he refuse to pay the electricity debt for his house.

Despite all the popularity for his hospitality and intelligence in solving cases, Andrea got bored with many repetitive conditions and spends most of his days to read novels just like his past. To get it more entertaining, Andrea also prefer female clients, which probably leads to many affair with them. One of them was a girl named Elena, the one he engaged in 2010.

However, Elena was brutally murdered a few days before their weeding. Andrea goes on rage when looking for his fiancée murderer. He did discover that her ex-lover was the killer, but his violent action when he interrogate the suspects caused him to lose some honor and his business was deserted.

Andrea began to worried about his financial, with debts and uncertainty life insurance. In this situation, Fabio offers him a helping hand to work along the Sicilian Mafia. Reminded by his past dream, he seeks a new adventure. For the mafia, his main task is to manipulate and investigates their rivals with his profession. They also hires him to interrogate their captives and traitors. Andrea found that being a "two faced detective" is far more elegant and exciting.


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Andrea described as a charismatic man with a dark humor and wisecrack taste. Like the stereotypical Italian man, Andrea has a romantic side that obviously the cause of his past affairs.
"Right, this is a violin, but I'm not gonna play some Stradivarius's classics"
―A moment before torturing _ by a bow
As an interrogator, Andrea keeps his honest and friendly figure when talking, fools them to thought that it would be a peaceful talk before interrogate them in an unsuspected method. For example, using pen while he writing in his notebook or even a violin bow. Briefly, Andrea may torture someone with literally everything around him. Some say he's mad and call him "joker", but he still has a common sense and not as crazy as Trevor Philips.

Andrea doesn't know much about cars and seems doesn't care about it. He owns a blue Primo and a bike which rarely used.


"We're just a goddamn ants lived in the middle of anteater colonies."
―About his bosses
"When I was seeing a death body for the first time, it just weird, like an out-of-place artifact, like you are an archeologist who discovering an alien fossils."
―Examining a corpse. A reference to Raoul Bova role in Alien vs. Predator


Goji - "Come Va" (Adesso Bene)

Andrea main inspirations comes from real-life detective Anthony Pellicano, Roy Earle from LA Noire, and of course, various corrupt law enforcer characters in the franchise, specially Leon McAffrey of Liberty City Stories who also working with a mafia.

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