Just like Grand Theft Auto V, animals are present in-game and can be hunted down. Most of them are active in the countryside around Summerfield City.

Type of Animals

  • Dogs - Common animals found on the streets that can be walking with their owner. Also found with security guards. There are different breeds available, such as German Shephard, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, etc.
  • Deer - Land animals most commonly found near rivers.
  • Sharks - Found in the waters of Summerfield City and are hostile to the player. If you swim too close to it, it'll kill you immediately.
  • Starfish - Starfish cannot be interacted with, and are only underwater for scenery.
  • Grizzly Bear - Slow but tough animals that are hostile and will fully kill you, especially if the player is wearing body armor.
  • Sheep - Found on multiple hills.
  • Ducks - Mallard ducks are common around bodies of water.
  • Dolphin - Marine mammals found in many bodies of water.
  • Rabbits - Non-threatening mammals that will run away if you're close to them.
  • Rats - Can be found in the sewers or near tramps under freeways.
  • Turtle - Frequently seen swimming underwater.
  • Horses - Horses are pretty fast and also rideable. They come in color and appearance. They are common in the countryside and deserts.
  • Moray Eel - Found underwater, hiding in corals.
  • Eagle - Found flying high in the sky in deserts.
  • Flies - Can be seen buzzing around dumpsters across the city.
  • Pigeons - Most common on sidewalks in city areas.
  • Cougar - Seen on top of mountains, and are hostile. It can kill the player within two bites.
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