Antoni's Drug Mart
For: Antoni
Location: Little Haiti
Conditions of mission failure: n/a
Reward: Ability to buy Drugs
Unlocks: Claim This

Cocaine Addiction

Unlocked by: Stranded Boat
"I came from France, savez-vous?"
―Antoni speaking to Mikhael
Antoni's Drug Mart is a 26th Story mission on Grand Theft Auto: Vice Strips and it is an introduction sequence to France drug smuggler, Antoni, who moved to Vice City and now worked as a drug seller on Vice City. In this mission, the Drugs are introduced to Mikhael and became available after this mission.


During the mission, Mikhael receives a phone call from Shawn about a drug smuggler from France named Antoni. He said that he is now working on Little Haiti, Vice City. Mikhael then came to his place on Little Haiti and meets Antoni. Antoni introduces himself to Mikhael and after Antoni introduces himself to Mikhael, he tells about drugs. Then, Antoni gives Mikhael a cocaine which can be consumed by Mikhael. Then, Mikhael leaves the place, and the mission is completed.


  • Go to Antoni's place.


  • This is the mission where Drugs are introduced. Mikhael is given 1 cocaine by Antoni, which can be consumed.
  • This is the mission where it doesn't involve money rewards (as of Best Friends, Home Sweet Home, and Rock Band)
  • In mission Drugged, you kill the drug dealer in Little Haiti (not Antoni). The drug dealer on Little Haiti also takes the same place where Antoni is now working at.
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