Grand Theft Auto: Vice Strips introduces a new feature called apartments. While not in a mission, the player can save by entering to the player's apartment interior and approaching the bed, giving the option to sleep to save the game's progress. It uses the same system as did in other HD GTA games. The Apartments in GTA: Vice Strips replaces safehouses in previous games. It is also possible to park your car in the indoor parking space (when available).

Each apartment has the television and newsstand on it. The newsstand lists all the newspapers that Mikhael receives every 7:00 AM (after completion of News of Today) and Mikhael can use it to read newspapers. An apartment in Washington Street and Vice Point offers an laptop with internet capability, allowing the player to browse on the in-game internet. It is functionable from the beginning of the game, but introduced during a mission Hook up the Net.

Like other GTA games, it is possible to purchase an apartment on every section of Vice City. Each apartment cost $4500 for purchase. Once the property is bought, Mikhael can use the apartment as an hideout. Purchasing all apartments is required to complete your game 100%.

Apartment Place
West Coast Apartment Vice Point, Vice City
1001 Corona Lamber Vice Point, Vice City
Oakstreet Apartment Washington Street, Vice City
Links View Apartment Leaf Links Golf, Vice City
Coral Shores Apartment Vice Point, Vice City
Woodlands Apartment Ocean Drive, Vice City
Gulf Islands Apartment Ocean Drive, Vice City
5501 Executive Street Washington Street, Vice City
West Ridge Apartment Little Haiti, Vice City
Downtown Apartments Islands, Vice City
Island Corner Apartment Escobar Airport, Vice City
Dundee Apartment Downtown, Vice City
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