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Arrest for the Wicked
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Conner Mann
Location: Conner's House, Charming
Target: Ian Zhuang
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Killing squatters
Killing Ian's pets
Killing Ian
Reward: $4000 and a Taser
Unlocks: Crew Not Expendable
Unlocked by: The Mob

Arrest for the Wicked is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to Samantha Douglas by Conner Mann.


While Conner is watching a show on his computer; Samantha enters the house and sits with him as Enzo sleeps on the couch. They discuss her means of helping around Charming and tells her of the Johnston County Triads. He reveals that one of the members has a farm near Charming and no one is willing to take him down since he is using the squatters as a shield. She volunteers to remove the squatters and apprehend the Triad member. He reveals that the Triad member's name is Ian Zhuang before handing her a taser and asking her to bring him back alive.

Samantha heads off to Zhuang's Farm and fires her pistol to scare away the squatters and proceeds through the farm; neutralising Ian's pets with her taser before storming his house. Ian tries to reason with Sam but she tasers him and puts him in his car before driving back to town.

On the way to town; Ian tries to bribe Sam into letting him go but she ignores all his pleas and delivers him to Sheriff's Office.


  • Go to Zhuang's Farm.
  • Use a lethal weapon to scare away the squatters but don't kill them.
  • Neutralise Ian's Pets don't use lethal weapons!
  • Enter Zhuang's House.
  • Tase Ian Zhuang.
  • Drive to the Sheriff's Office.


Following this mission Sam now has a taser and gains $4000 as a monetary reward. Sam receives a call from Conner and tells her that his FIB Contact known as Cecilia wants to meet her at the CyberCrime Headquarters at west end of Brimstone Avenue.

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