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Arrial of Avenging Angel is a DLC and content pack included in Sleepless in Liberty City Pack, which is a part of Grand Theft Auto: Deleted Scenes. Players must install Liberty City Revelation free patch for EFLC vehicles and unlock Alderney district for playing this contents.

In this content pack, Niko starts his own business as avenger for saving and keeping innocent people. But it's illegal and should be invisible, Niko decides to get contract via hidden forum in internet only. Players have to access, read and reply in several articles in (unknown) to finish their pleas.

Missions will be added after specific number of missions are completed.


If players installed this DLC successfully, Niko will get a mail about some report about biblical avenging angels on Players can collect numbers among letters in report and call. If players call correctly, unknown caller will introduce themselves and hire Niko as their 'evangelist'.[1] If players call their number (saved as 'Erinyes') they'll send their contracts via message, sometimes with photo.

This will be activated only after unlocking Alderney district.


※ The order of these missions is random.




  1. Even though players delete message with link, the advertise and link of forum will be sent to Niko's email as spam once a week. If players keep mail, those new links won't be sent.
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