A new feature seen in Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone is viewable news articles. It is similar to the real-life Liberty Tree teaser site made to promote the release of Grand Theft Auto: III but it viewed in game on the internet. All of the articles are edited by The Hamilton Leaf and feature news reports based on the story of Danger Zone.

List Of Articles

The following are unlocked after The Meeting:

  • 97 Years Of Hamilton Leaf
  • Corrupt Chief Of Police
  • Carjacking On The Rise
  • New Drug Plaguing City Streets
  • Bridges Close Due To Crime Levels

The following are unlocked after Battling The Bratva:

  • Russain Gang Expands Into Harwood
  • Chemical Plant In Wichita Hills?
  • Douglas Bridge Re-Opens
  • Organised Crime Levels Falling Says Police Chief
  • Drug Lab Destroyed
  • Manning's At It Again

The following are unlocked after Killing For JOY:

  • Drug Deal Goes Wrong. Again
  • Chinese Organised Crime Takes Chinatown

The following are unlocked after Blow Up Dolls:

  • Warehouse Destroyed With Explosives
  • Idaho Bridge Re-Opens
  • Police Bring In APCs
  • Crime In Little Italy Reaches New Levels
  • Mayor In Serious Dilemma

The following are unlocked after Death Toll

  • Trouble At The Toll Booths
  • New Hamilton City's (Very) Corrupt Law System At It's Work
  • Neil Surrey's Sex Tape Leaks Online
  • Ship Destroyed
  • Notorious Gang Back On Top

The following are unlocked after Ambushed

  • Hamilton National Bank Robbed... Again
  • Gary Bane Lying?
  • Police Informant Murdered, North Hamilton Becoming Unsafe
  • Max Manning Expanding His Horizons
  • Known Gangster Victim Of Shootout

The following are unlocked after Total Torment

  • Heston Construction's Huge Plans
  • Another Gang Forming?
  • Latino Street Gang Responsible For Attacks On Their Own Turf
  • Hawk Bridge Final To Re-Open
  • "Crime Under Control" Says Police Chief Gary

The following are unlocked after Union Corruption

  • Police Used As Hitmen?
  • Will The World Really End In 2000?
  • Shootout At Compound
  • Heston Construction Connected To Mafia?
  • HCTR Host Sued

The following are unlocked after Boom!

  • Known Gangster Flees The City
  • Koreatown Renovation Plans Ruined By Gang Warfare
  • Jet Stolen From Local Military Base
  • Another Drug Lab Destroyed
  • Narcotics Squad Cracking Down On JOY Production
  • Easy Faction Apologise Over Violent Lyrics

The following are unlocked after Bad Ending Pt.II

  • Two Feared Gang Bosses Killed
  • Illegal Smuggling Reaches All-Time High
  • More Carnage In Gang Turf
  • Easy Faction Miss Concert In New Hamilton City
  • New Hamilton City One Of America's Worst Places

The following are unlocked after Closing The Book

  • Dead Gang Boss Identified