Assets are canceled buildings in Grand Theft Auto: Deleted Scenes. Player can obtain or purchase these buildings. And some buildings have asset missions so player can doing them for earning money.

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Vice City

  • Kaufman Cabs
  • Sunshine Autos
  • Malibu Club
  • Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
  • The Pole Position Club
  • InterGlobal Studios
  • Print Works
  • Boatyard

Los Santos

  • The Johnson House
  • Roboi's Food Mart
  • Alhambra
  • Emmet's
  • Radio Los Santos
  • InterGlobal Television

San Fierro

  • Zero RC
  • Wang Cars
  • Hippy Shopper
  • Vank Hoff Hotel
  • Gaydar Station
  • Zombotech Corporation

Las Venturas

  • Burger Shot Courier
  • Gruppe Sechs
  • True Grime Street Cleaners


  • Verdant Meadows Airstrip
  • RS Haul
  • Hunter Quarry
  • Avery Construction

Liberty City

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