"Feels Good to be home"

-- Austin Tyko

Austin Tyko is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Las Venturas Stories. and later Antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Forgotten

Austin Tyko
Austin Tyko
Austin's Lifeinvader Picture
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Las Venturas Stories (Aged 29)

Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Forgotten (Aged 41)

Also known as: Swedish Meatball (By Ramon, Tauntingly)

Crazy Bastard (By Patrick) Green Obsessed Maniac


Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Las Venturas
Date of death: July 23rd, 2013 (Shot in the head by Duncan James)
Home: Ramza's Hotel (Formerly)

Childhood Home (Formerly) Unknown

Nationality: Swedish-American
Family: Grace Tyko (Mother)

Alan Tyko (Father, deceased) Jill Tyko (Sister) Kristi Perry (Girlfriend, later married)

Main affiliation: Kyle Miller

Ramza Salah Patrick Perry Gambetti Crime Family (Formerly) Ramon Frank

Vehicle(s): Players Choice
Businesses: Gambetti Crime Family (Formerly)
Voiced by: Travis Willingham


Austin was born in Las Venturas to Alan and Grace tyko. He lived a relatively normal childhood with his childhood friend Patrick and sister Jane. At the age of 18 he joined the Military  and served multiple tours of duty only returning a few times over the years. Finally returned home for good in 1994 and found Las Venturas to be a city in ruin due to the economic collapse and the decline of the housing market. He slipped into deep depression and turned to alcohol and drugs to heal his pain. He made one two many mistakes and was charged with Manslaughter during the commission of a felony (Felony Murder) when he was attempting to rob a liquor store and the clerk dies of a heart attack. Only 10 months after his return to the U.S he was sentenced to a life sentence without parole and served over two years of his sentence before him and Kyle made a daring escape. When he arrives in Las Venturas he is unable to locate his family and spends a good part of the story trying to locate his family and put his troubled past behind him.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: Las Venturas Stories


Events of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Cause



Austin is a quiet individual who suffers from PTSD. Anyone he knows he cares for greatley and whoever betrays him he will become increasingly angry. Austin does not enjoy killing but feels he has to do what has to be done. Austin also keeps Patrick as a friend, despite him angering how occasionally. 

Austin used to be a car fanatic when he was younger and as such knows alot about cars. Austin is also military trained which means he has combat skills and is knowledgable about weapons.


Murders committed by Austin


Optional Murders


Mission Appearances 

Grand Theft Auto: Las Venturas Stories

  • As the protagonist, he appears in every mission

Grand Theft Auto: Lost Cause

  • Sunday's Coming (Boss)
  • Hedgehog Errand (Boss)
  • Remember Johnny (Post-Mission phone call)
  • I'll Be Damned. (Boss)
  • Graveyard Shootout (Death)
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