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Perhaps, the invention of Domestobots and other machines that did work for humans was one of the factors that caused obesity of the majority of Americans in the "upper class"... But blaming progress in our company is like committing a felony. That's why we made a compromise: we created a vehicle, endowed with a piece of our wonderful artificial intelligence, which will be ready to fulfill your every whim. And don't think we don't care about the laws of robotics, we just trust you and our AI!
―Coil Labs USA description.

The Coil BF500 is a custiom van featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Cybercrisis  update.


Grand Theft Auto Online

The BF500 is a van inspired is heavily based on the unnamed Tesla vehicle. The lightweight version of this van is a pickup truck.


The BF500 is powered by Cliffford 2.0. It has its own computer that can perform some useful functions. The owner of the van can access the computer from inside. He can program the van by creating an algorithm from the following commands:

  • Destination point (The van goes to the selected point using autopilot. You can choose 2 driving styles: normal and aggressive.)
  • Proximity mine (The van drops a proximity mine in the selected location)
  • Pick the cargo
  • Drop the cargo
  • Follow the target

Any command can be used multiple times. It's impossible to rewrite the program outside the BF500. If the command fails, the computer runs the following command. If the computer sees danger (open fire, possible chase, the driving mode automatically switches to aggressive, and the owner receives an alert. At any time, the owner can interrupt or continue the program, send the BF500 to the storage, change the driving style and use a remote machine gun.

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Grand Theft Auto Online

  • Can be developed in the Coil Laboratory for $2,270,000.