Wally Haaygard and Bill go to the Ludendorff Church at the stopping place. Wally and Bill are captured by the Corrupted FIB agents and the Haaygards and then they fight Wally and Bill. Wally and Bill kill the Corrupted FIB agents and the Haaygards in a counterfeit fight while trying to escape. Wally Haaygard and Bill meet a corrupt FBI agent named Russell Dukes who suspected them first. Wally and Bill tackle Russell Dukes to the ground in order to avoid temptation. Wally and Bill leave Russell Dukes behind. Wally and Bill drive to the store. Wally tells Bill that Russell is left behind. Wally follows Bill in the store. Wally leaves the store.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the Ludendorff Church.
  • Kill the Corrupt FBI agents and the Haaygards.
  • Tackle Russell Dukes.
  • Leave Russell Dukes behind.
  • Drive to the store with Bill.
  • Enter the store.
  • Follow Bill in the store.
  • Leave the store.


After completing the mission the mission Safehouse for Bill Haaygaard is unlocked. The mission They killed enemies for Russell Dukes is unlocked. The player earns 2000$.