"I gotta do my afternoon errands, so I need you to guard my drug store over at Birdbank. Make sure those Spanish Lord pricks don't attack it, just like last time."

-Max Johnson explains the job.

Beware of the Bodyguard is the fourth mission of Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime. This mission introduces drug store owner, Max Johnson, a good friend of Jack Smith.

Unlocks: Stop the Tank

Unlocked by: No Tanks for the Memories

Reward: $100

Mission Description

Jack Smith introduces his cousin to Max Johnson, a good friend of Jack. Max has to do his afternoon errands for the next 2 in-game hours. While he is doing that, he orders Mark to watch over Get Wasted Drugs Store and make sure no Spanish Lords attack it. They are getting revenge on Max for not paying them back on a card game.


Hurry up and get to the drug store before two in-game hours pass; Max will finish his errands at that time. Once you arrive over there, barricade the area with at least three or four vehicles. Thankfully, there is a Flatbed in a nearby alleyway, and two Burritos at a nearby parking lot. Use those to barricade the place.

Shortly, Spanish Lords will arrive and try their best to destroy the store. There is a "Store damage" bar on the top left, so do not let it fill. Kill the waves of Spanish Lords before they burn the store with a Flamethrower. There are at least four waves of them that will arrive. Once you execute them all, the mission will pass.


  • There is an episode of Oggy and the Cockroaches with the same name of this mission, which could be a reference to it.
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