Big M
Appearance(s): "Vengeance in Los Santos"
Status: Alive
Gender: M
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Los Santos
Home: Los Santos
Nationality: African-American
Family: Unknown
Main affiliation: Joe Preest
Vehicle(s): Albany Emperor
Businesses: Drug Dealer
Voiced by: n/a
"That wasn't a Set-up, That was the declaration of war!"
―Big M after the Valenca's Ambush.

"Big M" is a Main Character in Vengeance in Los Santos he gives the protagonist Joe multiple missions and helps him searching for the Sheep Mob.


Big M was born in Davis much like E-Wash. Big M eventually started his own gang, which eventually became the biggest in Strawberry/Chamberlain Hills.

Events of Vengeance in Los Santos

Big M is first seen in the third mission talking to one of his Drug Pushers. Joe attempts to talk to Big M but Big M insults him. The Next Morning Joe eventually Talks to Big M and convinces him for work. Big M accepts and lets Joe do a Practice Job. Joe eventually does more jobs for M such as Saving M on a Deal and Defending the Street from Valenca Attack.

Joe eventually decided the best way to defeat the Valenca Mob was to go undercover.

Mission Appearances