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Birth of Pink Swan is a DLC and a heist included in Vice City Contacts '86 Pack, which is a part of Grand Theft Auto: Deleted Scenes.

In this heist, Tommy will break in the Piranha's Pool Casino at the top of Vice Point Langer, kiil the cartel boss Macario Mendez and remodel it as The Pink Swan casino.

Also, players can play various gamblings in Piranha's Pool Casino regardless of the heist, via previous patches included in Vice City Inside.


If players installed this DLC successfully, Tommy will get a phone call from Avery Carrington about the plan to 'develop' Piranha's Pool Casino, a front of Mendez Cartel.

This will be activated only after the mission "Shakedown" is completed.


The Insider

When Tommy arrives at Avery's construction site, he'll introduce his plan to rob Piranha's Pool Casino, a front of Mendez Cartel. He got a suggestion from the Mendez Cartel about expanding casino, but they suggested low share and tried to blackmail him. So he wants them pay for his pride and keeps connection with Vercetti Gang stronger.

First of all, Avery wants to investigate about everything of Piranha's Pool Casino. Avery heard a rumor that Aurora Mignogna, one of employees of Piranha's Pool Casino, was fired recently because of her collusion with gamblers, so she's gonna be killed by assassins of Mendez Cartel. Tommy have to save Aurora. After killing assassins, Aurora agrees to help Tommy and tell everything she knew about her previous workplace.

The Drill

Note: The fate of Cam Jones is unrelated.

Avery wants to get a thermal drill to cut through a big safe inside at casino. Avery found out the drill will be transfered to Roxor International Building at Downtown Vice City for interior maintenance, so Tommy have to steal Spand Express truck containing drill from Spand Express employees and guards. Once Tommy get a truck, he must bring it to garage nearby of Avery's Construction.

The Getaway

Avery thinks a helicopter will be needed for the heist.

When Tommy arrives at the Hooker Inn, then a Maverick will leave the place. Follow that helicopter until it arrives at one of villas at Starfish Island. If Tommy is too close, they'll attack and lots of bodyguards will be spawned at the destination. Steal the helicopter and bring it to Avery's Construction.

The Heisters

Tommy prepared necessary tools, but he thinks there's not many capable members in Vercetti Gang. So Avery suggests him to hire useful muscles from outside. Avery remembered the professionals, Bullock Brothers, hired by him before.

If Tommy arrives at the destination at Little Havana, Bullock Brothers is being ambushed by Cubans. Tommy have to kill those Cuban members with sniper rifle and watch out not to showing himself to Cubans. After killing them all, Tommy have to bring Bullock Brothers to their safehouse at the north of [Vice Point].

The Final Step

After finishing the every preparations, Tommy starts the heist. First, Tommy and Bullock Brothers move to Vice Point Langer by riding Maverick and land at the rooftop helipad. Right after Barry Bullock cuts the phone lines at the rooftop, Tommy and others ambush the casino and kill lots of Mendez Cartel members to secure the situation.

While Bullock Brothers are controlling hostages, Tommy check the safe but Mendez Cartel installed laser alarms inside of the vault. So Tommy have to evade the 3 laser barriers before setting the thermal drill at the safe. After collecting the money, Mendez Cartel knows the ambush and blasts the getaway Maverick at the rooftop. So Tommy and Bullock Brothers have to fight their way for escape through the offices and other places in the building.

When Tommy and Bullock Brothers are finally arrived at the parking lot, they steal parked Moonbeam and lose the cops. After that, they move to Avery's construction site and finish the heist.

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