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Black Pegasus Corporation
Black Pegasus Corporation.png
Appearance(s): The After Dark Scene
Also known as: Dark Horse Mercenary Force
Status: Semi-Active
Date of birth: Founded 1986
Place of birth: Chumash, San Andreas (SA).
Nationality: Primarily American, features East-European & Near Eastern workers.)

Black Pegasus Corporation is an industrialized corporation and travel bureau, and is hirable as a private military company for non-state illegalities. A militant installment in San Andreas, they outfit the U.S military with armored vehicles, weapons and other equipment. According to information in the S.A Stock Exchange, they have occupations across the state, including Vespucci Beach Marina, Los Santos State International Airport (Hangar 14) and Sandy Shores Private Hangars 1 and 2. In 2013 they supplied Merriweather M.G with Military-Grade weaponry tested on off-shore barges in the San Andreas region.


The known founding members of B.P.C are Sgt. Darren Heagan, Marcus Sarrison & Luka Stojanovic. Heagan & Sarrison were both previous members of the U.S Army who were laid off after final deployments to Afghanistan ceased and decided to take their lives in a new direction. Stojanovic was a Belarus Spy sent to America in the early 1980s but cut his ties after meeting the "love of his life". The woman he fell in love with soon moved on to her next man and he hasn't recovered since.

They met in a Chumash Diner, the two men recently removed from Fort Zancudo and Stojanovic begged them to begin a new path in life. From this, the three have never been seen outside Fort Zancudo as themselves, although rumors circulate of False Identities. An ex-worker anonymously named N.A Lyer spread word of their existence and correspondence with Merryweather a month later.