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Not to be confused with Blake Schumacher, a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living OR WITH Blake Johnson (Volume 2), Blake Johnson's alternate reality counterpart.

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Loppujen lopuksi millään ei ole väliä, en minäkään. (In the end, nothing will matter, least of all I.)
―Random Blake quote

Blake Kevin Johnson XIII is one of 4 playable protagonists of the single player campaign of Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City, and one of the two deuteragonists of the sequel, Grand Theft Auto: ARC 3 He is the CEO of OPT after the death of his father; Kevin T. Johnson II.

Blake XIII is voiced by Marko Annala, the lead singer of Finnish thrash metal band Mokoma. Despite that, he doesn't use his appearance as a basis for his appearance, instead using a custom render placed over Annala during motion-capture sessions (See Appearance & Biology).


Before Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City

“I lived a quite normal life until the age of 20. It was quite alright. That's all you need to know.” — Blake's shortened version of his backstory.

Blake Johnson was born on the 2nd of January 20432 at 0:00, in the Nexus City Specialist Hospital, exactly on due date and exactly on due time, weighing just over 3kg. As a child, he was obsessed with science, like his father, who was the CEO of OPT. Unbeknownst to Blake, he was to be the successor to his father.

When he was 13, he graduated from middle school after 8 years of straight-A+ grades. These were to persist for the rest of his education.

Blake met his girlfriend (later wife) Katrina Pedersen at age 17, they were in Liberty City in the crown of the Statue of Happiness and they fell in love at first sight.

At age 18, Blake asked a very existential question to his father, “Is there such a thing as immortality?”, to which his father answered “Yes” before Blake could finish the question. Then Blake had the dubious chip implanted into his brain (Obviously with his own consent). He at first did not know what it did, but was then told what its functions were. They included immortality and an infinite IQ.

Death and Rebirth

"All you need to know about what happened on that day is that I died, and that I am now back. Now fuck off before I make you relive that day from my point of view"

- Blake about February 23rd, 20452.

At age 20, while finishing up his work for the day at a certain workplace only referred to as "Fubar", disaster struck while he was fixing a deadly machine. It exploded and he was sent flying into a wall of blades, fatally cutting into his body, and almost completely disemboweling Blake. He died for 7 minutes that day from a simultaneous combination of drowning (lots of blood entered his shredded lungs), blood loss, suffocation, disembowelment and dismemberment, only resuscitating after a vision of CAVE JOHNSON telling him that “You weren't supposed to die yet! Get up and live!”. Afterwards he got up, and seeing the lethal wounds in his abdomen and the missing skin on his arm and shin, walked out as a bloody mess and located the manager. He then slapped a bloodied resignation note on the manager’s face and dragged his own decayed corpse out of the establishment, never to return. Upon getting home his heart exploded and he collapsed and died for the second time, this time in a puddle of his own blood. Upon waking up he found himself in the hospital, with Katrina in the bed next to his. Katrina had apparently donated a high amount of her blood to Blake so he would be in a stable condition again. The doctors were extremely confused. It was a case of an undead patient with titanium parts in his abdomen. Back in a stable condition, Blake explained his horrifying predicament to the doctor. They were not confused anymore. The doctors said that they get a lot of previous employees from "Fubar" and none survived yet. Blake than uttered a quote that he fondly remembered for years afterwards. “I did not survive. I died, then got up to die a second time an hour later. If you ask me, I believe I am still dead. If I am not then how can you explain the powdered spine and the cuts all over my heart?” This utterance slightly confused the doctors until Blake explained that he has a chip implanted in his brain that resurrected him whenever he got killed. To this day, he still has three major wounds on his lower abdomen, a damaged lumbar spine (which is why he has such poor posture), along with a high amount of regrown skin (some of which seems to be synthskin or unseptbium trioganessite [UsbOg3]), meaning that dirt will not stick to him.


The year afterwards, Blake and Katrina had a run-in with a gang of 4 murderers while on a date late at night. They crept up behind Katrina and one of them nearly cut her back open with a knife (still managed to stab her, creating a horrible gash). Blake noticed and revealed a Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 SPORT Machine Gun with an extended magazine and bayonet. He used the bayonet to slice open the stomach of one of the murderers, and spill out their viscera. The other 3 went for Blake and started to cut him with daggers. Katrina saw the M&P15-22 on the ground, picked it up and started shooting at the murderers. 15 of the 22 bullets that were in the magazine hit one of the murderers, killing them.

The remaining 2 living murderers noticed that Katrina had the gun, and tried to tackle her, although a heavily cut-up Blake (So heavily cut up that he was bleeding from all over his body) stopped them with a SPAS-15 Shotgun. The remaining 2 murderers were killed with a combination of lacerations from a bayonet and multiple gunshot wounds from a SPAS-15 and an M&P15-22.

In 20456, Blake’s father (against Blake's advice) bought $70 000 000 worth of lunar regolith from a supplier and started grinding it. Immediately he got sick from the same regolith poison that brought Cave Johnson down in the 1980s. There would be no cure for the poison, so he lived off of painkillers for the remaining 4 years of his life.

Blake obtained his Coil/OPT Superior 3 years before Prologue. He states that he “Got a driving license before turning 18”, though it is unknown. It is worth noting that his vehicle was obtained as a late 2028 Coil Savanna, modified by him and his father to go above the standards of all vehicles in 20457 (Top speed: Mach 1.6 (Jet Engine only)/Mach 25 (All Engines), one modified OPT WR-91 Antimatter Pulse-Turboramjet Engine, accompanied by 2 OPT AC-21 Electro-Gravitron Thrusters mounted on each side of the Turboramjet acting as secondary acceleration boosters, Variable height Anti-gravity repulsors, Indestructible Deflector Shields, concealed pionium cannons), and made into a one-off Turbine-powered Anti-Gravity Mid-Size SUV Conversion for Blake.

3 Months before ARC 1, Blake ascended to the position of CEO on his 28th birthday, realizing that what he had been training for was going to be very difficult.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City


“Fucking hell...” - Blake after leaving the hospital.

Blake is at the hospital with Katrina for a regular appointment after an incident 8 years ago. Afterwards he gets a phone call from his mother telling him to get to his father’s hospital room immediately. Blake and Katrina hurry and get there to see Blake’s father in a worse condition than usual. He then realizes that his father is dying. He bestows Blake with the position of CEO of OPT, before passing away from his ailment.

After Kevin Johnson dies, Blake goes to a liquor store in Rauhallisuus (District in the far east of Nexus City) and buys a lot of alcohol. After that he drives home and laments drunkenly. He then calls John and tells him to come over immediately. John enquires as to why. Blake says that it’s urgent.

John comes over, asks what happened and Blake explains all that happened in the last hour. John tells Blake to tell his mom that he sends his condolences. Blake then says that there’s a big problem and they might need to eliminate some enemy competition to stay alive in this city.


"Blake? Are you there?"

"Já (Yes.) John wanted me to tell you that he sends his condolences."

"Thank you, but there is a matter of urgency. Some bastards are harassing me. They might be going after you next. You know what to do, don’t you?"

"No voi Helvetti. (Well Shit.) Guess I already know the drill."

- Blake and his mother before the mission Perihelion.

Blake gets a call from his Mother, who is asking for help dealing with some (10) harassers, who had a hit put on them. Blake assassinates all of them. After that, Blake informs his close ones that the funeral for his father is soon.

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Between ARC 2 and ARC 4

Loose Ends Tied Up

In 20482, Atom Corporation was very close to bringing the world to an end. World War 5 was ongoing (USNA, Romania, Finland, Germany and France vs Atom Corporation (Kyrgyzstan), People's Republic of China, North Korea & Russian Provisional Military Government) and Blake decided to do his part. While he was highly resentful of the idea of war, he wanted to help the North American effort against Russia, while at the same time saving Pulsar Industries from a "Sticky Situation". He decided to do something so unprecedented that he would later claim to have been "shitfaced drunk" so bad he was almost unconscious while doing it. He launched a nuclear warhead at Atom Corp's offices in Bișkek, killing Ruslan Vladimiroviç Sulaymanov in the process, and sent Merryweather soldiers to defend Pulsar Industries' facilities in București. He then launched various non-nuclear missiles and orbital lasers against the Atom Corporation-funded dictatorships in China, Russia and North Korea. All of this combined with coordinated evacuations of Allied soldiers and regular civilians resulted in the devastation of Moskva, Běijīng and Phyŏngyang Jikhalsi, and the end of World War 5 in an Allied victory. Korea was reunified, Russia forgot to formally draft a peace treaty with Finland, and democracy was restored to all 4 Atom powers. This caused many criminal organizations to become desperate and led the Kirikov Bratva to attempt to kill him.


In 20492, Blake was flying his OPT Superior over a Russian Air Force Base in Leningrádskaja Oblast' where a missile launched by the Kirikov Bratva hit him while he was attempting to communicate with the Air Force Base. He was shot at approximately 1192km/h, but managed to keep his vehicle stable for two minutes before ultimately losing steering. He bailed out and watched as it crashed into a tree at 1970km/h. A lot of heavy injuries were sustained, and Blake's spine ended up penetrating his stomach and he bled out through his lower torso, managing to survive despite all odds. After that, Blake was only able to salvage the frame and body of the Superior as the engines were sent through the tree and continued on for another few hundred kilometers before vaporizing. After this incident, him and Katrina went into Leningrád, where they would find Ari Sargsyan, who was recommended to them by Viktor Laurentiu. She would be able to help them eradicate the Kirikov Bratva, making an example of them to any syndicates willing to go after a god, a goddess, and their allies. After completing an errand for her to gain her trust, Blake went to a garage to try and fix the Superior, when he was shot in the eye by the owner of the garage, due to a misunderstanding. Eventually, work began on the OPT Superior's replacement. The OPT Digamma had overall almost the same look, except that everything bar the neon kits was absolute black. The car was made slightly longer with enough room for up to 9 people. The Antimatter Tank was moved to the front, freeing up the rear trunk, although it has to be accessed from the side. The engines were upgraded (1x WR-99 Jet Engine, 2x AC-32 EG Engines) and an extra engine was added, a Karin 8.2L V14 producing 8000bhp and 31319Nm of torque.

Eventually, after enough preparation, Blake went on a revenge mission against the Kirikov Bratva, resulting in his 3rd death and Rebirth.

Deceased, Once Again

―Blake's first words after resurrecting for the 3rd time.

After killing what appeared to be the last of Valdemar Kirikov's bodyguards, Blake attempts to approach him but is cut off by another 30 bodyguards entering. He tries to fight them off, to no avail, as he is promptly shot dead in front of Viktor Laurentiu. In spite of that, he came back to life, a more unhinged and violent unstoppable force than he otherwise would have been. Immediately the 30 Kirikov men who shot him dead are vaporized, and immediately more start flooding in and ceasing to exist, until none are left.

Then, Blake goes after Valdemar Kirikov again, who promptly escapes from a window into his personal starship and speeds off. Blake follows him in his OPT Digamma, and using the EG Engines, catches up to him at 1828km/h and fires 2 Muonium Chloride missiles at Kirikov's ship, which then crashes, while decelerating to 929km/h due to drag. The immense G-Forces from the impact leave Kirikov near death. Blake lands shortly afterwards, and taunts Kirikov about his loss, before promptly putting a bullet in his head.

Nexus City Stories

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Between Stories and ARC 3

The Great Explosion of Nexus City Center

On January 9th, 20900, Blake and Katrina were at a party in the Nexus City Center when an explosion suddenly hit. An unknown man blew up an antimatter grenade at the party, killing around 1 million people (Including John Dawson, Jay Turner and Skyler Evergreen, all of whom happened to be at the party as well). The shockwave from the explosion crumbled Blake's legs like a soda can, eventually causing them to snap off like toothpicks below the knee, and vaporized of all of Katrina's fingers on her right hand. Luckily for Blake, he could fabricate cybernetic replacements for his legs, while Katrina's fingers just grew back, considering she has a more advanced chip than Blake.



Minkalaisia huumeitä käytät? (What kind of drugs are you on?)
―Blake's first line to Johann in ARC 3

7 days after the explosion, Blake, now with cybernetic legs below the knees, spots Johann Pielinen, who just arrived in the now-ruined Nexus City.

After Nexus City and DLCs

Iňspêfsqoigwö apsqâgradwö nowa uqjefqalţiolţ üjjeuglatwîňaikhiamtau âdhveulaixtö ażgiolt. Iudhnal êçt’atwî’ataú áikailöňž eżâ’al žu ös avtrepčacuargê žu oc’ ëu adhöksfalaù, uorödyoi’gzuxtarçeapțuňšou. (As heretics, we feed self-righteously on mists of paranoia while dancing madness into being with incantations of steel. Flying blind we head for home sweet rat-holes where at last we can bathe in soothing revulsion, making cease this dreaded synesthesia) [NOTE: THIS IS SAID IN ITHKUIL]
―Blake's cryptic answer to Johann's question of "What do we do now?" at the end of ARC 3.

After Nexus City and its DLCs it is not known what happened to Blake, or Katrina, other than that they finally found peace in Nexus City. It is also unknown whether or not Blake remained immortal, but it is likely he did.


For fucks sake... I thought I had killed the last of them all those thousands of years ago... Shit...
―Blake on the returning Servants of Aureus

By this point, all of the Sin Phi Collective except Blake, Katrina, Johann and Mikaela, had died. Blake and Katrina were doubting whether or not they should continue or join the rest of the Collective in death.

Katrina eventually finds herself under the thumb of the Cetian Mafia, trying to hide. Unbeknownst to her, the Cetian Mafia is being controlled by the Servants of Aureus. Blake frees the Cetian Mafia, who then leave Katrina be, and help Blake in the Alephi-Nova War.


Welcome back...
―Blake to Katrina upon arriving in the afterlife.

After Nexus City AFTERMATH, Blake remains deceased in the Great Afterworld, becoming one with the universe in a way. However, in the 10^10^10^56 years after the ending of AFTERMATH, he along with all else ceases to exist as the universe resets into a near-identical form.

He is replaced by a near-perfect replica of himself.

Appearance and Biology

“How does he still walk the earth? His entrails are literally on the outside of his decaying body! No mitä saatana? (What the hell?)-Juhani Rautakoski on Blake’s damaged appearance.

Blake is a 205cm (6’8”) tall, very unusually pale white young human (Note how it is crossed out, signifying that Blake is no longer merely human) male with a mass of 60kg (80kg in ARC 3), dark gunmetal-grey (due to extreme stress) hair (with red tips, confirmed to be blood), which is claimed to have the texture of wire, and red eyes with black sclerae, discolored due to excessive amounts of blood in the eye. He usually wears a suit. He also has a bullet wound on his right arm. The most significant features on his damaged body are the wounds on his lower abdomen. These are covered with bandages at all times. Blake states that a normal person would not be able to survive such extensive damage. There are also massive lacerations on his upper left arm and right shin. These usually leak blood. However, he does not emit noxious odors, nor does he suffer from necrosis, despite slowly rotting away over the course of the latter 1488 years of his life. The reason why is unknown to anyone, let alone himself. Due to his predicament, his bodily functions are different in numerous ways:

  • Blake cannot cry under any circumstances. This is because his tear ducts were destroyed, along with half of his body.
  • Blake's body is unusually cold to the touch, with his body temperature being 273.15 Kelvin, 2 Kelvin above the freezing point of regular human blood. Blake even carries a radiator into his car to warm his unusually cold body up. His blood freezes at 223.15 Kelvin, and boils at 2930 Kelvin.
  • Blake's blood is unusual in that it lacks antigens, and can be donated to anyone. It is also a somewhat effective adhesive, only used to seal wounds, explaining why Blake's wounds just reverse themselves together. It also carries the immortality gene from the chip that causes all of Blake's mutations.
  • Blake has a constant resting heart rate of 12.5bpm, which goes up to 14bpm when walking, and up to 1000bpm when his SPECIAL ABILITY activates. In ARC 3 and AFTERMATH he has no pulse, as his heart was replaced with a Kentauri-type blood circulator system.
  • As an undead life form, Blake doesn't need to breathe, although he chooses to breathe to not attract suspicion. His body aborbs oxygen through the skin, and the air he breathes in is usually pure unfiltered Nitrogen gas. Carbon Dioxide is also diffused out through the skin.
  • Despite being able to regenerate any lost vital bodily matter, Blake still cannot regrow limbs. However, he can easily reattach them.
  • Blake is completely immune to diseases as his immune system is completely made up of memory and stem cells. If a virus enters his body it is immediately killed due to the harsh environment of his body. Harmful substances simply evaporate out of his skin.
  • Blake's brain is always active, and he only needs 4 hours of sleep. While asleep for the 4 hours, it is impossible to wake him up until after exactly 4 hours, when he automatically wakes up. Whenever he skips sleep for 1 day, he needs to make up for the lost sleep by sleeping 8 hours (Equivalent of 2 days worth of sleep for Blake). 2 days skipped sleep makes 12, 3 makes 16 and so on and so on.
  • Blake craves caffeine and claims that it makes his vitals function better.
  • Any wound inflicted on Blake (except those that he already has) will heal rapidly. 
  • Electricity has no effect on Blake, other than overloading the proton cannon in his cybernetic left arm (ARC 2). In ARC 1, and all missions preceding Vultures, as Blake still has his left arm before that mission, electricity won't overload his arm.
  • Blake has less stamina than most others, and as such, can't run very far without risking exhaustion. However, his stamina replenishes almost immediately.
  • Blake claims his body can regenerate fully after enduring a nuclear blast, while he was in the center of the blast radius, right next to the nuclear device. However, this is never tested, but a similar ability is shown in ARC 3. His body can survive an antimatter grenade (Ū Bomb), and still partially regenerate, albeit missing his legs below the knee and one eye (the eye being lost in an incident in Leningrád 408 years earlier).
  • Due to his undead physiology, his body is decaying, although dubious immortality technology has profoundly slowed down the decay, which as a result will take an amount of time far too long to be comprehensible by even an Alephi.

A lot of these abnormalities were caused by rapid unpredictable mutations after his rebirth. However, he wasn't born a completely normal human, and as such refuses to identify as human, instead identifying as an entirely different subspecies altogether (Homo Sapiens Superioris - Superior Wise Man). In fact, playing as him during story mode, you progress further away from humanity altogether, eventually in the ARC 3 DLC ending up as barely more than a 1-limbed 468 year old cyclopean (1-eyed) mess of non-necrotic dead flesh with bits of titanium & tungsten metal for limbs. Here are multiple abnormalities that existed from birth, perhaps inherited from prior OPT experiments overseen by the older Johnsons.

  • Blake was born with 4 kidneys, which grow back when he removes them. He usually donates them to hospitals, along with other internal organs.
  • Blake's eyes are differently made from human eyes. The optic nerve is completely behind the retina, allowing for more light-sensing cells, removing the blind spot and causing Blake to have 5 different types of cone cell (Red, Green, Blue, UV, Infrared) resulting in the Blake Vision filter auto-applying upon entering first-person while playing as him. This enables him to see ultraviolet and infrared radiation. He also has the ability to adjust his vision, by changing the size of his pupils and moving the lens back and forth, like how a camera does.
  • Blake's skeletal system is unusually tough, being as hard as Chromium. However, not even IT is immune to the flow of time, as even IT crumbles after several hundred years.
  • Despite his weak and shriveled appearance after a poor job decision, which also led to him becoming morbidly underweight, Blake is unusually strong, fast and agile. He can easily punch a hole through someone's chest, run 100 meters in less than 5 seconds (approximately 2 seconds, making his running speed 180km/h), jump 12 meters and lift the OPT Digamma (50t of mass, 50000kg). He says that despite being able to do all of those on their own, he can't do all of them at once.
  • Blake has no wisdom teeth, because his bloodline evolved in a way that eradicated wisdom teeth from the body altogether.
  • Blake has the ability to resist nuclear radiation, meaning that he can survive the Old Nexus City Nuclear Exclusion Zone. This is because his DNA can reconstruct itself if ionized, faster than the radiation can ionize it.

In ARC 2 CHAPTER 1, he gains a mechanical left arm after his biological left arm was lodged in a meat grinder by Negishī Chūo, forcing Blake to amputate his own left arm. As a result, Blake is the first amputee protagonist in the GTA series. He eventually also loses all but two fingers on his right hand, giving him the alias "Two Fingers". In the DLC ARC 3 (Taking place some 438 years after ARC 2), Blake is shown to be missing an eye and both legs below the knees, having been caught in an explosion 1 week prior to ARC 3. He says the eye was shot out 408 years prior to ARC 3, but the legs were lost in the explosion. All were replaced with cybernetics, preserving his immense height. He also gained approximately 20kg, due to recovery of lost mass from 20452's incident. By the time of Nexus City AFTERMATH, he is more machine than human thanks to his slowly-withering body, which proves to be the final nail in his coffin, as when his chip failed and shut down for the final time, all his cybernetics destabilized and exploded, killing him almost instantly and permanently.

Here is a list of replacement biocomponents Blake obtained in chronological order:

  1. Chip in brain to induce immortality. Installed in January 20450.
  2. Cybernetic weaponized left arm, after biological was amputated at shoulder. Installed in March 20461.
  3. Mechanical fingers on right hand, after 3 of them were shot off. Gained in October 20461.
  4. Titanium-Reinforced Concrete Skull Reinforcements, installed after near-death encounter with Tharsian Mafia. Installed on Kentauri Log-Date 32-2-8,291,292, roughly corresponding to Earth Date 25/26-3-20462.
  5. Bionic weaponized left ocular sensor, after biological left eye was shot by Vladimir Sidorovič (Due to a misunderstanding) and then gouged out by Blake. Implemented around March 20492.
  6. Prosthetic ribcage, after original crumbled from the slowed aging of Blake's body, accompanied by the skin on his torso withering away further. Installed between 100 and 110 years before ARC 3.
  7. Synthetic Kentauri-type Blood Circulators, after heart stopped. Grafted one year after ribcage replacement.
  8. Pneumatic lower leg assemblies, after biological lower legs both snapped off like toothpicks. Gained on January 10th, 20900.
  9. Retractable blade on right hand, sharp enough to cut through even the OPT Digamma's bodywork. Gained sometime after pneumatic lower leg assemblies.
  10. Solid-State memory banks in brain, able to hold 1 billion years worth of memories. Installed 9 years before AFTERMATH.
  11. Synthetic skin around torso, after original faded away. Gained 1 year after SSDs.
  12. Full synthetic skin, after being hit with a focused and concentrated gamma ray burst (still survived). Gained 3 years before AFTERMATH.
  13. Hydraulic Exoskeleton of Kavimite Design, after his body stopped functioning due to the failing chip in his brain. Gained at the end of Nexus City AFTERMATH.

Blake has poor posture, walking with his back bent significantly forwards. This is due to him having a damaged spinal cord, which was left the way it is due to it being impossible to repair (10 vertebrae were ground up into literal dust). He often resorts to walking with a cane in ARC 2, claiming that he suffered a "horrible injury (euphemism for his first 2 deaths)" that led to his incredibly poor posture. The cane in question also serves as a weapon, concealing a shotgun.

Blake's height of 205cm (6'8.71") leads to him towering over numerous characters, such as Marja-Leena Rautakoski (168cm), Viktor Laurentiu (182cm), Tommi S. Johnson III (190cm) and to some extent Katrina Pedersen (200cm). It also leads to him crashing head-first into doorframes that are all 200cm tall, which annoys him. While he is incredibly tall, he is not the tallest character in the game, as that title would go to Aureus (392cm/12'10.33"), who, being a Nau Von Qaxi (A race of the Nau Von species, known for always being over 300cm height), is naturally almost twice Blake's height.


Fuck. - Blake while drunk during an outing.

Blake is a very depressed pessimist, with severe alcoholism (Enough to drink 191 Proof Polish Rectified Spirit). He has self-hatred issues and is suffering from severe depression for the majority of the storyline. Only Katrina was seen to be able to get Blake out of his crisis after she moves in after the mission Battle of The Sciences. This depression was nonexistent before Blake reached 20, as he was content with everything and found life easy until then. After his deaths, his mental health started going downhill rapidly, culminating in him killing 4 crazed murderers in self-defense at age 21 in a very violent way, which is implied to be disembowelment. His pessimism led to him trademarking the phrase 'Ei saatana (Oh Hell No)' as his own.

Blake's alcoholism started 8 years before the story, when he started drinking Polish Rectified Spirit (95.5% Ethanol) to ease his depression. When he discovered how easily he can get drunk from that, he regularly drank it, just so that he could numb his senses and forget about the world. This usually ended terribly, with Blake often waking up in random places around the city, such as in the Nexus City International Airport, on the toilet, on a mountain with a parachute on his back, splattered with blood and missing chunks of flesh, or on an island, surrounded by unconscious drunken people, drinking pure rectified spirit with Katrina, with a knife in one eye. He only manages to snap out of his alcoholism after Katrina moves in with him.

Another condition affecting him is probable caffeine dependence, illustrated by his implied reliance on the drug. He sleeps for 4 hours and in one of the dialogues he says upon waking up he says he needs coffee. In fact, Blake drinks coffee just as much as he drinks Polish rectified spirit. He mentions once having gotten a heart attack due to overdosing on caffeine, just showing how reliant he is on caffeine.

He is shown to have no remorse for killing any Epsilonists in The Finale, primarily due to blind rage. If followed by another protagonist for too long, he will say some very brief (rage-filled) phrases before stabbing them with a knife. This shows how his rage issues and homicidal tendencies can take over him. While Blake is shown to be a remorseless killing machine, he is still (only partially) human. This is evident when he says that when he killed 4 people at age 21, he almost lost consciousness due to suffering enough stress to kill a healthy human. This shows that killing takes a great toll on Blake. Blake also says that he doesn't like killing others as he doesn't want to become like Skyler (A psychotic killing machine). Still, Katrina eventually fears that Blake may become a remorseless psychopathic murderous drunk, which Blake admits he partially is (A remorseless murderous drunk, not a psychopath).

Blake has been shown, however, to care very much for his friends and family, even taking 200 gunshots to protect Katrina, John, Jay and Skyler from crazed Epsilonists in The Finale. He considers them some of the only people who never harmed him both mentally and physically. If he accidentally runs a friend over, he curses himself and tries to hold in his bloody tears. He can still be very cold and distant toward anyone, even outright claiming to not care about anyone, while he actually does.

Blake demonstrates unusually high intelligence, a trait shared by all of his bloodline. In the IQ Tests taken weekly during his visits to the hospital after an incident 8 years ago, his IQ is shown to be infinite, and the doctors remark that it used to be 200 000. He even has slight precognitive abilities, and uses them to toy with his enemies before killing them. However, vision is his weak side, as he often confuses many colors. This is because he sees Ultraviolet and Infrared light as well as normal visible frequencies of light, leading to what he calls UV/IR-Related Colorblindness. This is demonstrated when he mistakes Diesel and Gasoline pumps at a gas station during 20492 Mode in Free-Roam, when fueling the OPT Digamma's W18 unit.

Towards the beginning of the game, Blake is shown to be very depressed, violent, sadistic, and has an alcohol problem. His mental health improves as the game progresses. At the end of ARC 1, he barely shows any depression. In ARC 2, he maintains the façade of a normal person, however his true personality does slip whenever one makes the fatal mistake of annoying him. One example of this happening was during ARC 2 CHAPTER 4 when while planning The Odyssey Pilferage, John provoked Blake and as a result, Blake threw him across the table and against the wall. In ARC 4 & Stories, Blake is still easily angered, but less so. In ARC 3, Blake is once again the depressed brute he was at the beginning of ARC 1, and in AFTERMATH, he is merely a rotted ghost of his past self, a hollow vessel, a vestige, a decayed zombie, death personified. His more emotional self from before his first death returns just before his final death though.

Blake is an atheist, and openly criticizes the irrational thinking of Religions, claiming that it is a distraction from logical thought and productivity. He states that they also enforce some rather ancient beliefs that have been superseded by factual information.



  • Kevin Johnson: Blake’s father. They were very close, even outside of their jobs. Blake learned many skills from him that would help him as President of OPT. Kevin even helped modify Blake’s Coil Savanna in order to make it overtake even the fastest vehicles of 20457. When Kevin died at the beginning of the game, Blake entered a very severe depression and ended up drinking a lot more alcohol than he already did, indicating strong family bonds.
  • Mrs Johnson: Blake’s mother. They were extremely close, especially after Blake’s two deaths and resurrections. 
  • Katrina Pedersen: Blake’s love interest (later wife). They met at age 17 in Liberty City. Katrina even saved Blake's life, nearly dying to resurrect him. Their love for each other is very high, as Katrina is shown to cure Blake from his depression in ARC 1 CHAPTER 4. They later get married in the final mission of ARC 1 CHAPTER 5, The Finale.
  • Tommi S. Johnson III: Blake deeply respects his grandfather and like all his friends and family, he would do anything to protect him.


Blake drives a grey (-80%) OPT Superior (Formerly Coil Savanna) with red neon underglow and a 4-stage divergent turbine Pulse-Ramjet for its propulsion method. The licence plate is BKJ20432. In the OPT Mansion Elevated Garage there is also an Anti-Gravity version of the real life Tesla Cyberquad and an anti-gravity version of the real-life Cybertruck Trailer (Which can store the "SuperiorATV"). If anyone steals this vehicle, they get an enraged text from Blake saying "Did you steal my car? If so, how many of your organs do you want me to remove, and how violently?" This vehicle is destroyed in an accident in 20492 and rebuilt as the OPT Digamma, and appears as such in ARC 4 and 3. The Digamma is given to Mikaela Van Buren and the Sigma replaces it in AFTERMATH.

His secondary vehicle is a black Nagasaki Shotaro Premium with no-lag turbo charging and a full Photon SynchroCyclotron Drive upgrade. It was acquired after the end of Chapter 1. It has a license plate saying BKJ32.

The tertiary vehicle that Blake has is a Western Cargobob painted with the logo of OPT. It has multiple cannons next to the turbo shaft helicopter engines. It’s registration number is BKJ-20432

Blake also owns a small 2-seater Galactic Shipyards RM-574XV starship named Alpha Omega. He uses it as his private cosmic transport.



Blake’s SPECIAL ABILITY is called DEATHBRINGER and it makes him more immortal than he already is, while heavily increasing the damage he inflicts with a weapon, all the while reducing him to an unhinged psychopath, slightly slowing gameplay down, tinting the screen red, and increasing the amount of visual glitching. The nigh-immortality can result in strange things, like Blake having seemingly infinite amounts of blood, though this is due to his heart rate going up to 1000BPM (as shown on his HUD. There is a heart rate monitor in the lower-right and it beats 80 times as fast when DEATHBRINGER occurs, the norm being around 12.5BPM) and him being effectively dead. Due to this ability reducing Blake to a psychopath, he has unique animations for when the ability is active, for example his face changes from the default expressionless face to that of a psychopath.

Secondary Ability (Always Active)

“Back from the fucking dead, again.” - Blake upon using his secondary ability.

Unlike the other protagonists (except Katrina), Blake also has a secondary ability. His secondary ability is called “TRUE IMMORTALTY”. It allows him to come back to life once instead of the WASTED screen appearing, hopefully allowing him to make it to a hospital/health pickup. It only works once before a second death causes the WASTED message to appear.

This secondary ability allows his regeneratory abilities to literally reverse the formation of wounds as if they were never there. For example, if somebody cuts deeply into Blake with anything, it will regenerate, as if it didn’t happen. It also caused him to assimilate the Prosthetic Left Arm that he obtained in the mission Dead Cities in ARC 2 CHAPTER 1. However, he cannot regrow limbs fully (Due to Kevin II and Tommi III being unable to figure it out until after Blake's death, rebirth, second death and second rebirth. Katrina, however has this ability, much like everyone else descended from her and Blake). Blake considers this one of only two weaknesses. Removing or otherwise disabling the chip will kill Blake instantly unless it is put back or reactivated within 1 hour of death, although this never occurs.

In AFTERMATH, it is shown that if Blake's chip is damaged, his lifespan decreases exponentially to a few weeks at most, and his body slowly starts to fail. Below are some of the maladies that Blake experiences in AFTERMATH after his chip is damaged, in order of which appeared first.

  1. Weakening skeleton.
  2. Blood flow disrupted.
  3. Muscle atrophy.
  4. In CHAPTER 3, the secondary ability is lost for Blake, and thus he can no longer regenerate.
  5. Multiple cerebral hemorrhages, culminating in dementia (This one was erased before it could get critical)
  6. Inability to stand upright.
  7. Respiration failure.
  8. Eyesight begins to glitch and worsen.
  9. In the moments before final chip shutdown, all of Blake's energy leaked out like acid from a battery. This one occurred right before Aureus's second death, and kicked in after the exoskeleton suffered a critical failure and exploded.
  10. All of Blake's augmentations destabilized and exploded after his chip shut down. This is the one that finished Blake off fully.

In Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City AKT V, it is shown that Blake's chip has already suffered critical damage before, but never to the same extent that has been seen in AFTERMATH.

Killed Victims

Before the events of the Game

  • 1 Man who tried to assault Katrina (Pushed out of the crown of the Statue of Happiness)
  • 4 Murderers (Gunshots and disembowelment)


  • 10 Streetwannabes who were harassing his Mother. (Gunshots)
  • Epsilon Center Vault Security Guard #1 (Stealth kill with silenced Glock M18, #2 was killed by John)
  • 50 Carcer City Hunters (Various ways)
  • Joseph Collins (Burned to a crisp)
  • “Lord Zapho” (Strangulation)
  • Person who tried to sabotage the OPT Superior (Optional Kill: Gunshot through forehead)
  • 25 Altruists (Various ways)
  • 25 Deva Station soldiers (Various ways)
  • John Dawson Impostor (Hacked to death with molecular accelerator)
  • 100 Hell Cultists (Various ways)
  • Aron Kraff (60 gunshot wounds, this kill is shared with John, Jay, Skyler and Katrina, all five of them shot him at the same time)
  • 10000 Armed Epsilonists (Various ways)
  • Cris Formage (Killed with 1000 shots from a Metalstorm Infra-Knife Accelerator in one second)

ARC 2  

  • Negishī Chūo (Dismembered with meat grinder and delivered as "Chicken Teriyaki" to a butcher's shop)
  • 8 Criminals (Various ways)
  • Kenshiro Chūo (Submerged in Fluoroantimonic acid)
  • 10 020 Vagabond Death members (Various ways)
  • Mori Albert (Beheaded with scimitar)
  • 800 Dolcio Family mafiosi. (Various ways)
  • Stefano Dolcio (Invoked Blake's BLIND RAGE, repeatedly stabbed in the eye with a rusted screwdriver)
  • 1 000 Epsilonist Illuminati Serial Killers (Various ways)
  • 1 000 000 Corrupted Zombies (Sliced with a Saracen Scimitar)
  • Aureus (Sliced through with a scimitar)

Between ARC 2 and ARC 4

  • Ruslan Vladimiroviç Sulaymanov (Nuclear Missile)


  • 300 Kirikov Bratva Mobsters (Vaporized in one second)
  • Valdemar Kirikov (Gunshot between eyes)

Between ARC 4 and ARC 3


  • Albert Haines (Head vaporized with laser from Blake's left hand)


  • 8300 Servants of Aureus (Many ways)
  • Aureus (Beheaded with scimitar)
  • Himself (Failed chip – Caused unintended suicide)


  • Blake Johnson is voiced by Marko Annala, Lead Vocalist of Mokoma.
    • This makes him speak using a Rally English accent (Pronouncing English like a Finnish person who did not natively speak English would stereotypically)
  • Blake is an atheist. He believes in a rational world where science governs everything.
  • Blake is the most bloody character in the GTA series. His very existence nearly caused Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City to get rated AO by the ESRB until the “Less Gore” and “More Gore” cheats were added.
  • Blake’s favorite radio station is Projekt Crimson and his favorite song is Chasm by GosT.
  • In stats for Blake, the stat for “Times Killed” is 2 (3 in ARC 3) by default. This is in reference to some past events (with the 3rd death referencing ARC 4's ending).
  • Blake is one of few protagonists to not be career criminals or to not start out at the bottom. He only becomes a criminal out of desperation to protect OPT at all costs.
  • Blake’s full name implies there were 12 more Blake Johnsons in his family.
  • Blake frequently implies that he will die a third time. He says in a cutscene after Dead Alive 9, that he can "hear the bells ringing". This is also a reference to how L Lawliet from Death Note alluded to his death before it happened.
    • In the ARC 4 DLC he does indeed die a third time.
  • Blake has an IQ of >∞. Whether or not this was caused by the chip in his brain is unknown. He said his IQ until getting the chip was 200 000, as measured at age 13. At age 22 he took an IQ test and the result was IQ-Inf. It is impossible to measure Blake’s full current IQ in any way.
  • Blake is not completely human. Due to the chip bringing him back to life, the implanted contact lenses (Heads-up display), and the mechanical left arm (eventually also three prosthetic fingers on his right hand, and both prosthetic legs below the knee), he is officially considered a cyborg. 
  • Blake’s email address is
  • In ARC 1 CHAPTER 1 Blake is often very intoxicated.
  • The 6-digit IQ values of the entire Johnson bloodline can be explained by the technological advancements made during the last 18980 years.
  • Altogether, Blake has killed at least 1 022 051 sentient lifeforms, 5 of them were killed 7 years before the events of the game, 1 was killed between ARC 2 and ARC 3, 1 was killed in ARC 3 DLC and 1 000 001 of them were either aliens or Corruptor Zombies. 
  • Blake is the shortest-lived member of the Johnson bloodline, if he is indeed interpreted as being dead during the events of the game. 
  • Blake is the most multilingual character in the entire series, being heard fluently speaking a total of 11 languages (English, Icelandic, Finnish, Livonian, Karelian, Italian, Võro, Swedish, Japanese, Norwegian, Ithkuil, all of which were spoken with a heavy Finnish accent), and witnessed understanding a further 10 (Esperanto, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Estonian, German, Jamaican Patois, Romanian, Chinese and Korean). It is very likely he can understand & speak every single language known to man, including extinct languages, such as Sumerian, Akkadian and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.