Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Victor Sax
Location Yellow Jack Inn, Sandy Shores
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Victor is killed
Khachaturian gets away
Rewards 7000$
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
Previous Next
I Believe I Can Fly Eagles Cry

Blockheads is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill, given to Miklos Lipton by Victor Sax.


Miklos comes back to Yellow Jack Inn, and sees Victor groaning with his car:

  • Victor: Lousy sonova... bitch! Start damn you! Fuck! *Stands up with an engine part in his hand* I hope this part isn't important. *Sees Miklos* Hey, Miklos, you know anything about cars, holmes?
  • Miklos: Not much to be honest. I know how to drive, and I have my own taste in their looks, but I can't fix them.
  • Victor: Well shit then. I've got to get this baby working again. Can you try to start it up while I..
  • Miklos: *Sits on the front seat* Um.. Who's the girl in this photo?
  • Victor: What photo?
  • Miklos: This photo on the dashboard.
  • Victor: Oh, that's mah girl, Carmelita, if I remember correctly..
  • Miklos: You don't remember the name of your..? *Picks the photo, fuel indicato is revealed* There's no gas.
  • Victor: Whuh?
  • Miklos: The fuel indicato was covered by the photo and it's on zero! There's no gas, you idiot! That's why the car won't start up!
  • Victor: Oh, yeah.. I might've forgot..
  • Miklos: MIGHT have?!
  • Victor: Hold your horses! Okay, I screwed up! The tank is empty! Imma fill it and problem solved!
  • Miklos: *Slumps on the seat* I can't believe this..*Whispering*
  • Victor: *Hops in the car* Alright. The tank is filled.
  • Miklos: Are you sure? Maybe you just think you did it..
  • Victor: Man, one tiny mistake and you think I'm an idiot now. *Brief silence* Eh.. Did I mention, that last night I came up with a plan? A PERFECT plan to fuck over the Armenians for good?
  • Miklos: Yes. In your text message, you mentioned. Could you provide me with details, so I can judge if it's actually a good plan or not?
  • Victor: I will. Meanwhile, let's get to the Ammu-Nation. You drive.
  • Miklos: And the tank is full now?
  • Victor: It. IS. Jesus.. Fucking go already.

They get to Ammu-Nation and Victor tells Miklos to buy a sniper rifle. They then get back to Victor's car:

  • Miklos: And then?
  • Victor: Our destination is a lumber yard in Mount Chilliad. The Armenian's are having a meeting there. For some reason.
  • Miklos: And I assume I am supposed to slaughter them with the big gun here?
  • Victor: No. We only take out ONE guy, holmes. Eduard Khachaturian. One of the big players.
  • Miklos: And how is killing only one person going to wipe out the Armenians?
  • Victor: Dear God.. Maybe because he's so important? No. Not possible isn't it? Khachaturian is the assistant of the big man, Alan Nazarian. Without him, Alan goes nuts. He's so narrow-minded he can't make decisions on his own.
  • Miklos: And Nazarian is the leader because...?
  • Victor: You ask too many questions.

At the mountain slope near the lumber yard, a cutscene is shown, showcasing the area. Miklos picks up the sniper rifle:

  • Miklos: So, what does Kha.. Kharchu.. Karchagatakasaha..
  • Victor: Khachaturian? Look around with the rifle. I'll try to find him for ya.

Miklos watches over the lumber yard, sees an important-looking person:

  • Miklos: That him? The guy in a cream-colored suit?
  • Victor: Nah. That Nazarian himself.
  • Miklos: He looks kinda harmless.
  • Victor: Ha! That's what he is, holmes. Like I said, Khacahturian is the one pulling the strings.

Sometime later:

  • Miklos: I wonder if our target is there at all.
  • Victor: Be patient, M. If Alan is there, so is the puppeteer... A-ha! There! See that ese in a red coat? That'll be Khachaturian.
  • Miklos: Alright... Imma take a shot.

BLAM. Khachaturian is dead.

  • Victor: We better get the fuck outta here.

And so they did:

  • Victor: Whoo! Alright, Miklos! Armenians are history!
  • Miklos: Yeah, it was so easy I hope they really are.
  • Victor: Just wait and see. Without Eduard, good old Alan is lost as a headless chicken. They go way back, always been working together. Eduard is.. was Nazarian's brother-in-law.
  • Miklos: Man, you've done your homework.
  • Victor: Can't make plans if you don't know your enemy.

At Victor's house:

  • Victor: Now we just wait the results.
  • Miklos: I still can't believe it was that easy. Let's not get full of ourselves. See ya.

Post-Mission Phone Call

  • Otto Matic: Lipton. Where the hell are ya? I don't remember fireing you.. yet.
  • Miklos: I've been working for Mr. Weston, Sarge. You were there when we agreed of it.
  • Matic: Yes, but that does not mean you don't have to work for ME anymore.. My office. RIGHT NOW!


  • Monetary Reward: 7000$
  • New Weapon: Sniper Rifle


  • Go to Ammu-Nation
  • Go to Mount Chilliad
  • Kill Eduard Khachaturian
  • Leave the area
  • Take Victor to his house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete in 7:00
  • Accuracy - Kill Khachaturian on the first try
  • Clean Getaway - Leave the area without gaining chasers
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