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Mehmet Hanifi Mehmet Hanifi 4 days ago

Grand Theft Auto: Last Stand Story Mode Police Scanner Transcripts

  • 1 The Russian Takeout
  • 2 Over From The Top Rope
  • 3 What's Ever Up
  • 4 Got Him
  • 5 Got Him

  • Attention local downtown units, there's a massive shootout on a local russian mafia, possibly related to loan sharking and other in relation. Please proceed with caution.

  • Attention to all units, there is a shootout in Unison Street, Nassau; possible result of a disagreement by the local posse. Be aware when approaching.

  • There is a severe action reported at Fenwick Street, inside an apartment. Approach with awareness. There might be a possible terrorist involvement.

  • We got a report at Patatine Street with some men causing havoc there. Proceed with caution.

  • We got a report at Patatine Street with some men causing havoc there. Proceed with caution.
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Mehmet Hanifi Mehmet Hanifi 19 December 2021

Vehicles Plan 1

  • 1 Annis
    • 1.1 Sopetra - Mazda GLC
  • 2 BF
    • 2.1 Pandora - Volkswagen Phaeton '03+
  • 3 Brute
    • 3.1 Carnita - Toyota 7FRB 15
    • 3.2 Monticola - GMC Syclone
    • 3.3 Tedbuck- GMC Typhoon
  • 4 Dinka
    • 4.1 Saroma - Suzuki XN85
  • 5 Fathom
    • 5.1 Arabella - Zagato Autech Gavia
    • 5.2 Meddler - Infiniti Q45 '92
    • 5.3 Maduray - Infiniti QX56 06'+
    • 5.4 Silverstone - Nissan R'nessa/Nissan Altra
    • 5.5 Silverstone EV - Nissan Altra EV
    • 5.6 Vanessa - Nissan Leopard (JY33)
  • 6 Maxwell
    • 6.1 M50 - Austin A35 2-door Saloon
    • 6.2 M55 - Austin A35 Van
  • 7 Willard
    • 7.1 Aromanta- Buick Cascada
    • 7.2 Ankina - Mercury Marauder '63
    • 7.3 Brandon - Austin America
    • 7.4 Dalebury - Buick Rendezvous '06+
    • 7.5 Palmdale - Austin A50 Cambridge
    • 7.6 Wayne - Buick Park Avenue '91
    • 7.7 Wayne TS - Buick Park Avenue '00+

From "Sol" and "Petra", which are "Sun" and "Rock" in Latin

A dee…

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 30 May 2021

Fanon: Annis Sultan (all generations)

Warning! This blog page is under construction!

The Sultan―in all generations―is a four-door saloon and five-door liftback (first generation only), or hatchback (particularly estate), featured in both 3D and HD Universes ― as with the third and last of latter having the first of the former being manufactured by Annis instead of being Karin just like how Rockstar Games did.

The first generation (Mk1 in UK terminologies) variation of the Sultan pens its exterior design cues from a number of large family cars―regardless of the vehicle layout―sold in the European market circa 1980s, OTL (which means our timeline).

But the following lists the appearances of the Mk1 Sultan in every body style, along with one of the aesthetics that neither possesses diff…

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NightmaresRevenge NightmaresRevenge 6 April 2021

Nexus City Pre-Alpha v0.001 Notes

This is still the PRE-ALPHA of Nexus City, and as such it is incomplete.

  • Pages for Tommi S. Johnson III and Katrina Pedersen are currently being made in sandbox.
  • John Dawson, Jay Turner and Skyler Evergreen will have their pages made soon.
  • Blake Johnson's page is finished.

  • Pages finished for:
    • Karin Neko
    • Dinka GR Sugoi
    • Turka YN-1 SUV
    • Turka YN-1 Sedan
    • Timur Spike Mk.2
    • KME SV-8
  • Pages underway for:
    • OPT Superior
    • Emperor LandEater
    • BF Schaan

  • ARC 3 is currently being made in Sandbox.
  • Need to make pages for:
    • Turka YN-21 SUV
    • Timur Muhafiz
    • Turka YN-7 Sedan
    • Dinka Durst
    • Mikaela Van Buren
    • Albert Haines
    • Armen Haines
  • Pages underway for:
    • Johann Pielinen
    • OPT Digamma
    • Grand Theft Auto: ARC 3

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OG King J OG King J 6 April 2021


Don't bother, you'd be wasting your time.

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Martim4820 Martim4820 16 March 2021



"When people say this car has to fit on the track, the Billard has the great performance of racing, excellent cornering and of course, the amazing top speed. Legends say that this car is very faster." Nexus Motors description.

The Karin Billard is a vehicle introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City.

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 25 February 2021

Fanon: Karin Euros (both modern and classic variants)

Warning! This blog page is under construction!

The modern and classic variations of the Karin Euros are two different-looking sports cars in the HD Universe.

The "modern" Euros is probably based on the second generation Peugeot 508 saloon/sedan, particulary with its greenhouse, rear end, interior, and underpinnings, whereas the front end and the rest of the bodyshell are taken from the Kia Stinger, and the wheels, head thus tail lamps are inspired from the seventh generation BMW 3 Series. While the pillars are based from the Infiniti Q50, and the engineerings, particularly the engine and other mechanical parts, are similar to the ones found on the eight generation Toyota Camry.

While the Euros is primarily modelled after a normally front/four-wheel…

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OG King J OG King J 7 February 2021

Did this for the achievement

Did this for the achievement, don't bother replying.

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Martim4820 Martim4820 26 December 2020

User:Martim4820/Karin Neko

|price=N/A|development_status=Vision|idea_by=Martim4820|body_style=(3-Stage Divergent Turbine//Hyper)|description_by=|image1=Karin Neko.jpg}}

The Karin Neko is an Anti-Gravity rally car introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Nexus City. It is a car seen in Anti-Gravity Street Races.

  • 1 Appearance, Design & Inspiration
  • 3 Official Stats
  • 4 Appearance
  • 5 Trivia

The Neko is based on the 1997 Toyota Corolla WRC and some design cues from the 90s WRC cars, notably the performance with the wheels are replaced with the anti-gravity wheel repulsors by LOZSPEED Motorsport. The nature of this vehicle is based off of the Anti-Gravity Ships from the WipEout series by Psygnosis. It is also inspired by the futuristic cars from the WipEout 2048 intro.

It is suited …

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Martim4820 Martim4820 29 November 2020

Annis Elegy's Developement

In 1991, Annis had developed a Japanese sports car, as they call it "Elegy". However, the vehicle was later imported into United States in 1992. The Elegy is used by the San Fierro Triads as one of their gang cars, alongside the Sultan and the Stratum, which are also both tuners. The vehicle in 1993 has won the Super GT Japanese Championships. It was legalized by the LSPD in 1994 and 1995. 1996 to 1997, it was exported into Europe, mostly seen on roads as a rare vehicle. In 1998, the Elegy is named "Skoiloine" didn't came back in Liberty City. Later on 11th of November, it returned. In 1999 to 2000, the vehicle had returned to Japan and America. On 2001, Annis had a development of another Elegy called "Elegy RHC". This was tested later in …

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Martim4820 Martim4820 4 October 2020

Karin Sultan Congo

Warning! This page is under construction!

The Karin Sultan Congo is a new variant of the Sultan appearing in HD Universe. The car is basically based on the Subaru Impreza Casablanca with the cues taken from the Mitsuoka Viewt, the original Impreza, front bumper taken from the Peugeot 406, rear taillights resembles the Impreza WRC and the 1997 Subaru Outback.

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 29 August 2020

Fanon: Vapid Sunrise (plus GTO)

Warning! This blog page is under construction!

The Vapid Sunrise, and its bespoke/high performance trim, the Vapid Sunrise GTO, are five-door liftbacks in HD Universe.

The HD universe Sunrise is different from its GTA: SA appearance, as its exterior is based on continental European and British large family cars of the late 1980s and early 1990s, such as the Peugeot 405 (for the middle part), a post-facelift Ford Sierra (for the front end), and Renault 21 (for the rear end and greenhouse), while its interior is based on the Citroën BX, and its as wheels are based on the Fiat Croma in its pre-facelift form as well. 

The Sunrise GTO on the other hand, looks similar to its normal form, but it is only obtainable when it is tuned at Los Santos Custom…

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Martim4820 Martim4820 3 July 2020

Motoracing Legend

Motoracing Legend is a website appearing in HD Universe and Grand Theft Auto Online.

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JackJackson17 JackJackson17 20 March 2020

Looking minor help.

My recent fanon Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf is probably the most ambiguous fanon i began and normally i liked to do these things on my own, but i'm hoping for a little help.

Particularly to locations - as I'm drawing blanks on State of Uzumati and State of Aganing which are based on State of Wisconsin and State of Michigan respectively. If someone wouldn't mind offering help in writing the counties, neighbourhoods, and cites/towns.

Any help is appreciated.

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GTA Retro-style adventure indie game

Recently I came up with the idea of creating a pixel GTA 2.5D game or side-scroller. Despite the retro style, the game takes place in the HD Universe in the present. Poor gameplay and graphics are offset by a variety of locations that include Los Santos , Liberty City , Vice City , San Fierro , Las Venturas , Alderney City , Ludendorff , Carcer City and dozens of other US cities.

The protagonist's adventures make him travel all over the country not staying in one city for a long time (Much like Super Mario Odyssey and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ). Each of the cities has Ammu-Nation and clothing stores to buy unique clothes and weapons; airport to fly to another city and a hotel where the player can save his progress. Each location also has s…

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CvClickbait CvClickbait 30 October 2019

A Little Help

Hey guys. So I need a little bit of help. I need to decide a getaway car for the prologue of my fangame Grand Theft Auto: Meter City. I only want cars that were featured in every game up to GTA IV, due to the prologue taking place in 2010. This is my current list of cars:

Rancher XL

Let me know what you guys think will be a good car to use

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Wiseman the Writer Wiseman the Writer 9 July 2019

Light & Shadow progress

This blog is used to write down the evolution/development of Light & Shadow project from myself.


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Grand Theft Auto: Adopted By Ryder And CJ's Mom: Chapter 2

Grand Theft Auto: Adopted By Ryder And CJ's Mom: Chapter 2: A Boring Day

I Was In The Middle Of Playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, A Game That I Used To Love, This Stupid Girl Marched In My Room Like She Is All That And Told Me To Stop Playing That Game. I Have To Clean My Room So It Will Look Nice. Since I Have To Mop Both Upstairs And Downstairs Floor, Clean The Everybody's Dishes, And Make sure all the walls Are Spotless. I finally Got Finished, So By The Time I Finally Put The Dish Where It Belongs. I heard a doorbell ring At The Front Door. "Holy Crap Already" I thought, I ran and looked at myself In Disgust. I Had Dirt ALL Over Me, My Hair Was Messed Up And My Hands Were Beet Red. I Did My Best To Fix My Hair Today In A French Pony…

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Grand Theft Auto: Adopted By Ryder And CJ's Mom: Chapter 1

My name is Katelynn Yaegashi, and I'm 19 years old at the moment. I've been burned to the orphanage (to the matter, my moms are dead).

This place is supposed to be my home, but to me it really was! I talk to myself a lot and because of that other girls think I'm weird, Sometimes they're even bullies.

I like to draw and many people told me I'm really talented. Besides that, I don't think I am that good at drawing Rochell'le from GTA San Andreas or SpongeBob SquarePants. The teacher said, it looked like a professional did this by smizing (As Tyra Banks Would Say).

No one here talks about how much I work overtime in Cluckin' Bell (The Crappy Restaurant That Parodies McDonald's). When I Got enough points to match the cards, I've decided to treat …

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Grand Theft Auto: Adopted By Ryder And CJ's Mom

Do You Ever Wonder What It Will Be Like If Carl Johnson's Mother Was Still Alive And Sweet Died? Well, Hi, My Name Is Kate, I Live In A Safehouse Around San Andreas. I'm An Average Girl Who's Style Is Basically Emotional In 1996. I Never Thought My Life Would Be Anything Other Than My Normal But One Day It All Changed.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Wiseman the Writer Wiseman the Writer 24 January 2019

Light & Shadow missions images source

This blog features images of missions in Light & Shadow which are taken from movies and TV series, in case of you curious enough of the sources. Will be frequently updated as more images added.

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Wiseman the Writer Wiseman the Writer 29 December 2018


Well, if anyone has difficulty finding a suitable actor/actress for their project's characters, i'd be glad to help you find one. Just contact me.

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Chronias Chronias 8 July 2018

Merdia Chatelaine

Meridia Chatelaine is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, possibly appearing as a less than consequential character in HD Universe, expanded on as an original character of fan fiction.

She is an employee of the Kortz Foundation living in Los Santos and working at the Kortz Center as a designer of interpretive media. She is an art graduate of ULSA and Vespucci University, a budding performance artist with a slight coverage history of mild public controversy an amateur anthropologist who self-publishes offbeat theses and Snapmatic photos of sociocultural phenomena.

  • 1 Contents
  • 2 Overview
    • 2.1 Background
    • 2.2 Events of GTA IV
    • 2.3 Events between GTA IV and the time relative to GTA Online
    • 2.4 Events relative to GTA Online
    • 2.5 Events of GTA V
  • 3 Personality
  • 4 Appe…

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JacobMichael1337 JacobMichael1337 29 October 2017


If anybody wishes to converse with me, here is the place to do so!

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ToyGoldenFreddy2 ToyGoldenFreddy2 30 September 2017

Images for my Articles

Images for my articles. Will be update reguarly.

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Austin J.Moulton Austin J.Moulton 8 December 2016

New Place In North Yankton

I need help naming a new place in North Yankton which is less rural than ludendorff  for my Fanon GTA 5 DLC

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TheRyderx1 TheRyderx1 28 December 2015


Hey guys. Even though no one knows who I am. So, I am back. If no one knows me, I am just a kid who is busy with school and... kinda got off track.. So, basically, I made a video game, which was Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of San Andreas.

Yeah. I didn't really ask for permission, but if I remember correctly, the admin let me continue my hard work. 

I have decided to continue my game and try to finish it. So yeah, this is all I have to say, and further a do, thank you for reading this blog post. If you would be kind enough, please spread the word out and check my series. Thank you! :)

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Club Of Peng Club Of Peng 27 December 2015



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Loopiz Loopiz 28 August 2015

I am partly back

It is I, Loopiz. I have returned to GTA Fanon Wiki, partly at least.

The reason for my 6 month hiatus was simply the fact that I had a lot going on in my life and I sorta lost my interest in writing here (I've been writing stuff in other places though). I still have a lot going on in my life, so I won't be very active here for some time. 

But I am back nevertheless and full of ideas for my upcoming projects. Stay tuned.

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Jiralhanae117 Jiralhanae117 19 August 2015

Blood Redd Blogpost

I'll post updates of my story on this blog, and you can criticize it if I mess up

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RavenRT RavenRT 18 August 2015

Sapphire Lad, the Chat Moderator

I am proud to announce that Sapphire Lad has been made a chat moderator. He is a longtime member and is very often on chat; he has proven himself to be responsible enough to handle his new position. Sapphire, congratulations on your appointment to chat mod!

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Special Protag Powers

Let's say you've created a GTA protagonist.

Now let's say they're put into a game that has a special meter like in GTA V.

What is this protagonist's special ability?


>Michael's Bullet Time.

>Franklins Timeslow power when driving.

>Trevor's Rampage mode.

also keep it somewhat within the realm of reality, it's allowed to be a little extrordinary. But nothing crazy like "He suddenly gains the ability to shoot lightning from his hands!" or "everything explodes within a 30 foot radius."

For my character Jacob Crowley due to his inspirations, i'd imagine would be much like michael's but with the added ability to divedodge like in the max payne games.

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Ewerson Cabral Ewerson Cabral 10 May 2015

Digital FM


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TheMasiMan1 TheMasiMan1 13 April 2015

Serious issues

Hi people!

Today I wanted to talk about a very serious issue that happens when you write on wikis. You put down alot of text, but then, you forgot so safe and it crashes. This happened to me today, not ten minutes ago when I wrote the chapter 3 of New Order an end and created 3 missions into chapter 4. Thats 4 missions, and a lot of words. All went down the drain. The lesson here is: Allways at some point, SAFE! Write your fan fiction but for the love of not raging, please safe your work before you start writing like a maniac. Im too thrustrated to write those really indept 4 missions again, so im gonna do them again some day. See you later. Have a good day. :)

Also I notice that nobody posts blog posts anymore?

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TheMasiMan1 TheMasiMan1 9 February 2015

Gonna go off for a while

I know that its sad, since you all love me and worship me as your leader, (XD) buuut I gotta go off to do my own stuff for a while. Be Right Back in... some time. Im not going away for so long but I promise that I'll be back soon enought.

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Thedriver111 Thedriver111 30 January 2015

Next Concept: Episode Titles

I'm planning a concept set in 2014 Los Santos based around three intertwinding stories. Kinda similar to Loopiz's Los Santos Chronicles. Like IV & EFLC, each story/episode will have a unique name. Only problem is, I've only got one. So if anyone has any suggestions for the other two, please let me know.

Ok, so it's very similar to Loopiz's Los Santos Chronicles, in the sense that its in LS and features three intertwinding stories. I was thinking of calling it Downtown Dreams. I also want each individual story to have a unique name but i've only got one set in stone. Heres the three stories:

Armenian Dream: The protagonist is Sevan Havakian, an Armenian immigrant. His uncle is the leader of the Havakian Family, a sect of the LS Armenian Mob, …

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