Bloody Sunday Massacre
Bloody Sunday
"That fucker thinks he can get away with screwing us...cap the bastard...
Vital statistics
Participants The Commission


Date November 7th, 2009
Location Liberty City, State of Liberty
Bloody Sunday is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Rush.


The scene opens up to Nathan Albright and Bud Winslow emptying the last items from their safehouse. Before they can say their farewells, a loud noise comes from the front of the house and they split.

Micheal leaves through an open window and takes cover behind two trash cans in an alley, but three officers notice movement and start to cautiously approach him. After he deals with them, Michael continues down the alley until he reaches his gray Sabre Turbo.

Once he enters, police vehicles come around from the front and he speeds off with them at his tail. Contacted by Bud, via a wireless headset, he is warned about The Commission sending gangsters to pursue him and they appear during their conversation.

Dozens of vehicles driven by gangsters and LCPD chase Michael across the city while he attempts to get to the docks. He shoots several enemies with his Glock and loses more through risky car maneuvers. When he nears a bridge, Bud contacts him again to reassure him that "I got your back." After Michael passes over the bridge, a Buzzard Attack Chopper piloted by Bud destroys a majority of the pursuers and tells Michael to watch himself before permanently cutting off.

Once Michael finally arrives at the docks, he abandons his heavily damaged car and heads for a discreet area where a seaplane has been secretly stashed. He looks back on at the city one last time but is interrupted by a gangster who nearly stabs him. Four others emerge to surround him, but Michael manages to defeat them all in a fist fight. An injured Michael limps into the pilot seat as sirens grow louder. The mission ends when police arrive to search the docks, but fail to notice the seaplane flying off into the distance.

Mission objectives

  • Escape the safehouse.
  • Fight off N.O.O.S.E, then continue down the alley.
  • Enter the getaway car.
  • Fight off police without leaving the car.
  • Fight off gangsters without leaving the car.
  • Reach docks.
  • Fight gangsters hand-to-hand and kill them.


  • While Michael is being chased, the police radio reports numerous other suspects, such as the gangsters, committing crimes, but these reports are quickly disregarded and refuted by pursuing officers.
  • After reaching Michael's escape vehicle, Bud can be seen speeding away on a Vindicator motorcycle in the opposite direction but is not chased by police.
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