Bloomin' Feelin'
Vital statistics
Game North Yankton Stories
For Felipe Hocker
Location Ludendorff, North Yankton
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Elegy is destroyed
Tommy is seen
Rewards 2500$$
Protagonist(s) Tommy Bell
Previous Next
Violent Resignation Cycle Chase
(If Icestorm is also completed)
"I'm not "hoarding". I'm collecting. And collecting things is clearly a completely different thing than gathering stuff and then just putting it in some trophy room to mildew"
―Felipe Hocker

Bloomin' Feelin' is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: North Yankton StoriesIt is the first mission given to protagonist Tommy Bell by Felipe Hocker.


The Mayor of Ludendorff has an Elegy RH8 Felipe Hocker would like to add his collection. Hocker sends Tommy to retrieve this fine piece of car industry.

The car is in the garage of the Mayor's mansion. To retrieve it, Tommy must hide in a flowerpot and sneak around, finding a way into the garage, remaining unnoticed.

Tommy eventually succeeds and escapes with Elegy. After visiting Pay 'n' Spray, he delivers the sport car to Hocker.


  • Go to Mayor's Mansion
  • Collect the Flowerpot
  • Find a way into the Garage. Don't get caught.
  • Get in the Car
  • Go to Pay 'n' Spray
  • Get the car to Hocker


Reward for completing is 2500$. If mission Icestorm is completed as well, missions Cycle Chase will be unlocked.