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Blue Code of Silence
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Florence
Location: Florence's Farm, South of Charming
Target: Deputy Livingston and Deputy Archer
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Killing or harming innocents
Killing or harming Florence
Killing or harming Florence's pets or livestock
Reward: $450
FIB Uniform
Unlocks: You Are Just, Refuse
Unlocked by: Swatting the Squatters

Blue Code of Silence is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by Florence to Samantha Douglas.


Sam walks into Florence's house finds him cradling his dog and he explains that two Deputies came to his property and killed them before trying to bully him for filming the encounter. He shows her the evidence and watches as Florence's dog is chained up and is barking at the Deputies before one of them kills the dog and Florence confronts the Deputies but they try to intimidate him and harass him.

Sam decides to go confront the police and returns to the CyberCrime Office to get her FIB Uniform and goes to the Police Department in Charming to find the location of Deputy Livingston and Deputy Archer. She finds out that they are watching Traffic and goes to confront them. The deputies attempt to intimidate Sam but she forces Deputy Archer out of the car causing Livingston to get try and tase her, but she shoots him in the wrist causing him to drop his weapon while removing the weapons from Deputy Archer. Livingston tackles her allowing Archer to get the car and drive away. She kills Livingston before chasing down Archer and kills him.

Sam tells Cecilia of her encounter and the actions she took; like before Cecilia agrees that her actions was justified and will notify the police of her actions.


  • Go to the CyberCrime Office.
  • Go to the Charming Police Department.
  • Go confront the Deputies.
  • Kill Deputy Livingston.
  • Chase down Deputy Archer.
  • Contact Cecilia.


  • Deputy Livingston - Killed for assaulting Sam, intimidating her, and attempting kill her.
  • Deputy Archer - Killed for speeding, assaulting Sam, resisting arrest, and police harassment.


Following this mission Sam can now wear her FIB Uniform regularly and as long as she wears it; she won't get a wanted level for assaulting gang member or entering the Police Department armed. She also gains $450 as a monetary reward and unlocks You Are Just, Refuse.