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Bordeaux is a French car manufacturer in the HD Universe.


Bordeaux is based on the real life companies Renault, Peugeot and Citroën. Its name is a reference to the city in France. The logo is a Celtic Symbol that is used on the flag of the city.

According to the website, in 1992, the Merci is developed, which made the government member Matt Shamrock, who talked to the members about the Merci. Later, the US Government has made Bordeaux cars imported for United States from France. The vehicles are allowed to be sold in American markets.

Bordeaux is also based on Hommell, as the vehicle Voiture is based on the Hommell Berlinette. Bordeaux has a racing division called Bordeaux Sport, which is likely based on Peugeot, Citroen and Renault racing divisions.


Image Vehicle Style Based on (HD Universe)
Annecy vehicle.png

The Annecy

Annecy 4-door compact Peugeot 206
M1fyh5sb0ly4 800.jpg

The Annecy Sport-Wagon

Annecy Sport-Wagon 4-door sedan Peugeot 206 SW
1024px-2019 Renault Clio Iconic TCE 1.0 Front.jpg

The Annie

Annie 2-door compact 2019 Renault Clio
1991 Renault Clio RL (12620142134).jpg

The Annie Classic

Annie Classic 2-door compact 1990 Renault Clio
Renault Clio-vehicle.jpg

The Annie RS

Annie RS Front-wheel-drive executive car Renault Clio

The Antoinette

Antoinette Supermini 1966 Citroën DS, Mafia II Chaffeque XT
Bordeaux Araignée.jpg

The Araignée

Araignée sports car 1996 Renault Spider
Bordeaux Arias.webp
Arias 2-door compact Peugeot 106/Citroen Saxo VTR

The Arriere

Arriere Van Renault Avantime

The B34

B34 Formula car Renault R24
Bordeaux concept.png

The Blanc

Blanc Racing car Renault Alpine

The Chardonn

Chardonn Sedan Renault Safrane
Chat Buggy 1996 Peugeot Touareg

The Exodus

Exodus 2-doors sports car Peugeot Oxia
Bordeaux Faire43-1.png

The Faire 43

Faire 43 Large family car Peugeot 405

The Fresco

Fresco Rally sports car Citroën ZX Rallye-raid
Bordeaux gambit.gif

The Gambit

Gambit 2-door sports car VDS GT 001

The Garden Shed

Garden Shed Front-engine, front-wheel-drive economy car 1967 Citroën 2CV

The Gaulle Turbo

Gaulle Turbo 2-door compact Renault 5 Turbo

The Gueulard

Gueulard Front-wheel-drive executive car 1984 Citroën CX
Bordeaux hopper-1.png

The Hopper

Hopper 2-door compact Peugeot 205
Dakar-Peugeot-t16-9 925x520 acf cropped.jpg

The Hopper Off-Road.

Hopper Off-Road 2-door off-road car Peugeot 205 T16 "Grand Raid" vehicle
Bordeaux Local.jpeg
Local 4-door compact Peugeot 207

The Marseille

Marseille Compact city car 1997 Peugeot 406

The Martinique

Martinique Large family car Peugeot 505
Bordeaux Maurice.jpg

The Maurice.

Maurice 5-door estate Renault Laguna

The Merci

Merci Compact city car Renault Twingo

The Monstre

Monstre Small family car Peugeot 306
Merta Beta.png

The Merta

Merta 4-door compact Peugeot 306

The Raidillon

Raidillon Sports car Alpine A310
1024px-Renault Alpine A 110 (Sp).jpeg

The Monaco

Monaco Vintage sports car Alpine A110
1024px-Alpine A110 en Angleterre Aout 2018.jpg

The Monaco S

Monaco S 2-door sports car 2017 Alpine A110
Renault Dezir (9820538605).jpg

The Mystere

Mystere Electric concept car Renault DeZir

The Nibiru

Nibiru Concept sports car Citroen Metropolis Concept

The Paris Rallye

Paris Rallye 2-door dirt car 1988 Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 Grand Raid vehicle

The Neuville

Neuville Commercial van 1995 Peugeot Expert
Bordeaux Novruz.jpg
Novruz Station Wagon Renault 12 Toros
1024px-Megane r26.r.jpg

The Poupon

Poupon 2-door sports coupé 2004 Renault Mégane RS R26.R
Bordeaux Philibuster.jpeg
Philibuster 4-door sedan Citroen Xsara

The Sochaux

Sochaux Panel van 1996 Citroën Berlingo
799px-Peugeot 908 Nr1 Spa 2010.jpeg

The Trebuchet

Trebuchet Racing car Peugeot 908 HDi FAP
Bordeaux Voiture.jpg
Voiture 2-door sports car Hommell Berlinette

The Voyager

Voyager Minivan Renault Espace

The Voyager GP1

Voyager GP1 Sports minivan Renault Espace F1
Bordeaux WidowGTR2.png

The Widow GTR

Widow GTR Supercar Helem V6 GTR


The author created this brand by mistaking the phrase "Bordeaux Bodhi" (which belongs to Trevor) for the Canis beta name and claiming the new fanon manufacturer with the same name. Later turned out that the word "Bordeaux" just meant the color of the pickup but one of the cars was already assigned to this manufacturer and the public accepted it.


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