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Brotherhood of Just Sentinels
Locations: State of Langlande
Leader: Unknown
Type: Vigilante Group
Enemies: All criminal gangs
Affiliations: Tristan Kirby
Colors: Varies
Vehicles: Varies
Businesses: Vigilante Justice
False Imprisonment
Contract Killing
Reckless Endangerment
Members: Brotherhood of Just Sentinel contact

The Brotherhood of Just Sentinels is a cult-like vigilante group that operates in the counties of Uzumati dedicated to fighting crime.


The Brotherhood has earned the respect of multiple criminal gangs and organisations in Uzumati due to the level of power they exhibit. The Brotherhood has even earned the respect of the Violet Flames.

The Brotherhood has stopped more major crimes than most law enforcement agencies in Uzumati, however, with their efforts - they've earned the envy of the local authorities despite some of them showing respect for the Brotherhood.

After Tristan was rescued by members of the Violet Flames - he is sought out by the Brotherhood after he helps them leave their Lachlan Lake hideout and a contact from the Brotherhood gets him to complete a couple of jobs for the group.

Mission Appearances