Jack: "Taco Hell restaurants keep screwing up my favorite menu item, The Black Eye. Collect some Molotovs I left for you, and blow a restaurant up. Maybe you can teach 'em a new recipe, eh?"

Mark: "Whoa, hold it right there, cousin. Sure, I may suffer anger issues, but I'm not doing anything insane like this shit."

Jack: "No, no, no - set an example of one."

Mark: "No wonder they call it Taco Hell and not 'Taco Smell'."

―Mark and Jack.

Burn, Baby, Burn! is the seventh story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime.

Unlocks: Taxi Madness

Unlocked by: The Blow Job

Reward: $200

Mission Description

Jack Smith is upset because Taco Hell keeps messing up his favorite food. He orders Mark to firebomb one of their restaurant locations. After firebombing it, Jack orders Mark, again, to destroy a delivery van.


Go to the parking lot across Flintwood. Get in the blue Buccaneer; molotov cocktail ammunition will be collected once inside. Head to the Taco Hell restaurant in Redemption. Firebomb the store until the "Damage" meter rises up. A Firetruck will come to put out the flames, so destroy any that arrives at the scene.

A delivery van will be on the way to an apartment. Jack receives you a text message, saying to destroy that delivery van just "for fun, the shits and giggles".

Get in a vehicle and follow the delivery van. There will be a 2-minute timer, so destroy the van before it's too late.


  • Go to the parking lot.
  • Get in the car.
  • Drive to the Taco Hell over at Redemption.
  • Burn the store with your Molotov until the "Damage" bar has risen.
  • Don't let the firetruck put out the flames.
  • Destroy the delivery van before it reaches its destination.


The reward upon completing this mission is $200. Jack will congratulate you with a Blistering Hot Burrito, which can be used to replenish your health.


  • The Black Eye taco is an obvious parody of the Black Jack Taco from Taco Bell.
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