Business buildings in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime are accessible to the player and can purchase whatever is there.


  • AmmuNation - The protagonist may purchase selections of guns here if they have the money for it.
  • Screwed Up - A tool store which the player may purchase the following melee weapons: Baseball Bat, Chainsaw,  Hammer, Katana, Knife, Meat Cleaver, Machete, Screwdriver. The name is a play on the word "screwed up", which means messed up.
  • Pineville Mall - A mall located in Pineville which has a selection of stores, such as restaurants and clothes stores.
  • 24/7 - The player may purchase food, beverages, and snacks here. An obvious parody of 7/11.
  • TV World - Mark can buy many varities of TV's - from small TV's to HD flatscreens.
  • Fine-Line Furniture - Here you can buy a Tons-of-Snooze Bed, Deep Freeze Refrigerator, a treadmill, and Comfy-A-Go-Go Couch.


  • Bert's Bed and Breakfast
  • Stay Inn Motel
  • Super Six Motel
  • Wayside Motel
  • U Snooze Motel


  • Burger Shot - These are the following meals you can offer: Money Shot Meal, The Bleeder Meal, Torpedo Meal, Meat Free Meal, Kids Meal, Beef Tower Meal, Meat Stack Meal, and Salad Meal.
  • Cluckin' Bell - These are the following meals you can offer: Cluckin' Little Meal, Cluckin' Big Meal, Cluckin' Huge Meal, Salad Meal, Little Clucker, Little Peckers, and Veggie Wings. You can also purchase a Fowlburger.
  • Taco Hell - These are the following meals you can offer: Soft Taco Meal, Crunchy Taco Meal, Big Ol' Box Meal, Blistering Hot Menu, Caution! Diarrhea Meal, The Bomb, and Salad Meal.
  • The Icy Place - You can buy 32 flavors of ice cream and popsicles here.
  • The Gingerbread House - There are tons of sweets to buy over here, such as gum drops.
  • Sweet Dreams Candy Shop - Another candy shop but is inaccessible. It is infamous for being long-time rivals with The Gingerbread House.
  • Dine With a Dime - All you can purchase here is a simple, lousy burger. That's it.
  • Rio Grande Restaurant - Mexican food restaurant.

Adult Entertainment

XXX Store - A sex shop with porn magazines and videos, with some starring Candy Suxxx. The only stuff you can acquire are the melee weapons, the dildo and vibrator.

Comfortable Pillows - A strip club where Mark can have private dances for a fee.

No Rectangles Allowed - Another strip club. The name is a reference to The Triangle Club from GTA IV.

Girls Girls Girls! - Once again, another strip club.


  • Higgins Helitours - This helicopter tour from GTA IV makes a return, and mark may choose to take an adventure tour in the sky.
  • Cool Runnings Boat Tours - The player may take a boat tour across Summerfield City and have an adventure tour in the seas.


  • Perseus
  • Binco
  • Sub Urban
  • Modo
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