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Calculating the Stocks
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Isaac De Volta
Location: Marshal Ridge, Heartworks
Target: Leigh Livingston
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Leigh is killed or escapes
Attacking Leigh by the BAWSAQ Office.
Unlocks: BAWSAQ Job Setup
Unlocked by: Funding the Mob

Calculating the Stocks is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New leaf given by Isaac De Volta to Tristan Kirby


Tristan meets Isaac and Hank at Isaac's Mansion and they are unable to get around the firewall resulting in Hank suggesting they kidnap the manager of the Office. Isaac explains that the manager will be leaving the office soon and will have to take him from his car and not near the office. Tristan agrees and leaves to take the manager.

Tristan follows the manager until he stops at an intersection and allows Tristan to take him from his car. He drives away before being spotted by police or pedestrians, and drives off to Isaac's mansion to get him to help with the firewall and he tells they'll have to gain access to the Office's mainframe to transfer the stocks.

Isaac asks Tristan to return to help go other the heist with them and decides to let him call the shots as the heist was his idea.


  • Go to the BAWSAQ Office.
  • Follow the manager.
  • The manager has stopped at the intersection; take him!
  • Get back to the mansion.


No monetary reward is given to Tristan and BAWSAQ Job Setup Heist Mission is unlocked.