Carcer City
Mayor: Vacant
Population: 658,000
Established: July 24th, 1701
Country: United States of America
State: Chippewa

Carcer City is a slum city located in the State of Chippewa and the location of Manhunt.


Carcer City Map

A overhead map of carcer city

Carcer City is known for being an extremely dangerous place. Ridden with criminals and murderers, there is a constant threat among its population of being robbed, raped, or even killed. Throughout its infamous history, the city has been the battleground for many violent gang wars. Though the crime level is off the charts, the city has a famously under-funded and dirty police force.


Many different types of people live in Carcer City. From crooked cops, to Gang bangers, to mass murderers. It is also the base of many criminal organizations such as the Smitsdale Triads, the Huntington Hustlers, and the Colombian Mafia.


In a city without enforcement of laws, it is very easy to obtain illegal contraband such as cocaine, methamphetamine, firearms, and marijuana. Though security is low, obtaining vehicles via theft is more challenging due to the fact that the city's inhabitants are openly hostile and paranoid to those who might harm them.

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