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Caroline Bien-Aime
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1980
Place of birth: San Fierro
Home: San Fierro
Nationality: French-American
Main affiliation: Tristan Kirby (ex-boyfriend)
Vehicle(s): Red Bobcat

Caroline Bien-Aime is one of the main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf and former girlfriend of Tristan Kirby.


Caroline is an obsessive, deluded, and can be considered a yandere due to her violent and brutal methods in getting Tristan away from Heather. As result of her obsessive nature; she is prone to make irrational decisions such as stealing drugs from the Heartworks Mob and disrupting their business.



Caroline became obsessed with Tristan in 2008, but refused to do anything due to the law. She began stalking him and following around while he was dating Adedayo's younger sister. In 2010; she offered Nasha Gong a lift home but instead drugged her with ISSAC; an experimental drug created by the Heartworks Mob from several psychedelic plants in order to allow its consumer being more compliant. She takes her out of town and buries her in desert near Las Venturas before returning to San Fierro. Caroline comforted Tristan believing she abandon him and Adadayo, and the two become close.

After meeting him at a drug deal between the San Fierro Triads and an unknown French-American crime syndicate in 2013. Caroline approached him and began their relationship. He soon realised her obsessive nature as she didn't even let him associate with his mother or sister. Eventually he breaks up with her and moves to Caldwell in 2018 after she becomes increasingly obsessed with him and nearly threatening his family.

Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf

Vincent eventually told Caroline about Tristan living in Caldwell and came to the city to get him back but found out he was dating Heather. She tried multiple times to come between them and even tried to harm her. However, Tristan fought back by trashing her house and leaving her in despair at the sight before she could notice him.

Caroline then sabotages Isaac's drug operations and steals 100 kilos of Ketamine causing the mob to follow her and attack her and Tristan. After capturing Tristan; Isaac learns of Tristan's past with Caroline and he promises to keep her away if Tristan repays the damages she caused.

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