Casual Walk
Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Thomas Lipton
Location Thomas' apartment, Vescpucci Beach
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Thomas is killed
Rewards Carbine Rifle
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
Previous Next
Night Out Armenian Dream

Casual Walk is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill, given to Miklos Lipton by Thomas Lipton.

Pre-Mission Phone Call

  • Thomas: Um, Miklos, I'm in my garage for some reason.. The last thing I remember is hanging out with you in a bar..
  • Miklos: Well, you insisted to sleep there.
  • Thomas: Aw, man, can you come and help me outta here? The door's jammed.
  • Miklos: I'll be there as soon as I can.


Miklos lets Thomas out of his garage:

  • Miklos: Slept well?
  • Thomas: Not exactly.. Owch.. My back hurts. What happened last night?
  • Miklos: We got drunk, came back home and you decided to spend the night in your garage.
  • Thomas: No.. wait.. I remember.. *gasp* YOU KILLED THOSE TWO GUYS!
  • Miklos: Oh, did I? Can't remember. Well, no big deal. The were probably assholes anyway.
  • Thomas: Argh! I just want to have a nice nightly hang out, but oh no, you have to ruin everything and start a murder spree! Them poor porn stars..
  • Miklos: Oh, right. THE PORNSTARS. Now I recall. Well, they DO tried to kill us, so, I guess their demise was rightful. 
  • Thomas: Fuck you..
  • Miklos: C'mon.. People who TATTOO THEIR FACES don't deserve to live..
  • Thomas: W-wait, what..? Face tattoos?
  • Miklos: Yes, they had tattooed their faces. And then they blame the society when they can't get a job. 
  • Thomas: Oh, SHIT! Marabunda Grande!
  • Miklos: Excuse me?
  • Thomas: They are some incredibly dangerous maniacs! Shit! And now you've angered them, they're gonna find me and kill me!
  • Miklos: Yes, because they don't have anything better to do than hunt us.
  • Thomas: Miklos! Fuck you! This is serious!
  • Miklos: Sigh! Well, I'm going to kill them all. Easy solution. Problem solved.
  • Thomas: No, Miklos! Killing people is never a solution! You just make things worst for us! Especially for yourself.
  • Miklos: ...Uh huh. We are doomed then, eh?
  • Thomas: Pretty much.. *Takes a look at his watch* Crap.. I need to go to work. *Looks around nervously* Could you accompany me on the way there? I feel nervous.
  • Miklos: .. Alright. Lead the way, T.

On the way to Thomas' workplace:

  • Miklos: T, c'mon, we were just two random drunkards last night. Marabunta has no idea who we are.
  • Thomas: There's no kidding with these guys, Miklos, believe me. 
  • Miklos: I shall mark your words.
  • Thomas: Hey, you maybe are a perfect soldier-killing machine-badass, but I am not! I am afraid for real!
  • Miklos: So you say, so I hear.

They stop to take a look at the wanted poster on the wall - it's 10 000 for Thomas:

  • Miklos: *Takes the poster off the wall and rips it* Well, they certainly ain't scrimping.
  • Miklos: *Puts his hands around Thomas' head* Alright, there's no hope left. I might as well just put you out of your misery right now!
  • Thomas: Oh God! No! Stop! Don't do it! I want to live!

Miklos let's Thomas go:

  • Thomas: *Gasps* N-not c-c-cool!
  • Miklos: Calm down now. What do I have to do to convince you that I won't let those bastards kill you? Huh? Awnser!
  • Thomas: You're just gonna make it worse. Killing more of them will make them even angrier..
  • Miklos: Dear God. They have much better things to do than hunt us for the rest of their lives!
  • Thomas: Or OUR lives.
  • Miklos: Stop this bullshit. Give me two months and I quarantee they won't bother us anymore by then.
  • Thomas: ..You promise?
  • Miklos: *Sigh* I promise. I won't let them murder you, Tom.
  • Thomas: ..Okey.. Okey.

Five men dressed as Santas come around the corner, blocking the duo's way:

  • Miklos: What's this now? 
  • Santa: Ho ho ho, victims!
  • Miklos: It ain't christmas. Crawl back to your holes, freaks.
  • Santa: It has come to our knowledge that there's a 10 grand bounty on your head.
  • Miklos: Then you have recieved bad information, gentlemen. Can you please get the fuck out of our way?
  • Santa: *Santas reveal their weapons* 
  • Thomas: Oh, crap..
  • Miklos: Jeez.. Sorry, T. They started it. You know what I've got to do.

A gunfight ensues.

Miklos kills the Santas and the few enforcers the call:

  • Miklos: All clear. See, T? They didn't kill ya. I didn't let them.
  • Thomas: But they know there's a bounty on me..
  • Miklos: If there's any luck, they hunt only me now.. Just how I like it.
  • Thomas: Well, I can proceed from here. Thank you, cousin.
  • Miklos: Take care now. *Thomas leaves* Fuck everyone in this city..


  • New Weapons - Carbine Rifle


  • Escort Thomas to work
  • Take a look at the poster on the wall
  • Defeat the Santas
  • Kill Santa Leader Jackson

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete in 5:00
  • Health - Complete with minimum damage on health and armor
  • 100% Headshots - Kill all enemies via headshot
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