Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing

Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing (AKA CoS: NT) is a Online Strategy Mobile phone game developed by Swiss-German game developer Lump of Lust and published by Finnish game developer Pyhä Malja Studio This game in mentioned in HD Universe (2013-). Released in late 2012's for Drone and IFruit devices.


Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing is an online multiplayer game in which players make their own army, train troops, and go to various places like Læssemaskine, Laueleele o Leiloa, İl Punto di svolta, Gral, El Krak, Shtern, Hulis, Masi-Ula, Atabakh, La multitud, Santo Grial, Tonos, Representere, Gosto and Xīwàng. There are five currencies or resources in the game. Gold and Iron can be used to build and upgrade defenses and traps that protect the player from attacks of other players and AI Enemies and to build and upgrade buildings. Gold and Iron are also used to train and upgrade troops. Emralds, Diamonds and Dark Diamonds are the premium currency in the game. Attacks are rated on a ten-star scale and have a maximum timed length of 25 minutes.


1. Santo Grial

Santo Grial is an Location in CoS: NT located in South-America near to Southeast Asia. Santo Grial has been known for it's the 'hero' King Santa Phil known as the '16th Century's Giant' and the son of 'King' Santo Phil. Santa Phil refers to Philip II, who was king of Spain during the Spanish colonization of the islands in the 16th century. Because it was under Spanish rule for 333 years and under U.S. tutelage for a further 48 years and the one where the Southeast Asian country Philippines is named after. Santo Grial means Holy Grail in Spanish.

2. Læssemaskine

Læssemaskine is an Location in CoS: NT located in Northern Europe. Læssemaskine is known for having greater resources and Birth Place of Lod Zad the Wizard (Full Name Leodin Zardanyan). Læssemaskine means Loader in Danish.

3. Representere

Representere is a mountainous land in CoS: NT located in Northern Europe and the 'neighbour' of Læssemaskine. Representere is known for 'snow fuckfests, meters of size of the fishes and being the Land of Peace'. Representere means Represent in Norwegian.

4. Laueleele o Leiloa

Laueleele o Leiloa is an Italian-Spainish colonized island near South-West America. Laueleele o Leiloa's leader was Roemin. Laueleele o Leiloa means Land of Lost in Samoan.

5. Tonos

Tonos is an location in CoS: NT located in West Europe. Tonos is known for being the birthplace of Gorathback's one of ''fames'' 'Taursan Jauni', 'loud bull horns' and 'beautiful gardens'. Tonos means Tones in Spanish.

6. İl Punto di svolta

İl Punto di svolta is an Island in CoS: NT. Located in Southwest Europe. Known for hot beaches, 'Oily palms of massage' (likely refering to Lubed hands) and 'Lot's of Hrvatski culture'. Punto di svolta means 'Turning Point' in Italian.

7. Hulis

Hulis is an Post-Boshviet location in CoS: NT located in Caucausus. Known for Chilli Hot Khorovats (Khorovat: Armenian variant of Kebab), birthplace of Lod Zad the Wizard's uncle and Crows. Hulis/Հուլիս means July in Armenian.

8. Atabakh

Atabakh is an Post-Boshviet Turkic location in CoS: NT located in Caucausus. Known for hybird history, puppy fields and 'friendly riots in villiges with local teenagers'. Ata means Father in Azerbaijani and Ancestor in Turkish. Bakh means garden in Azerbaijani. The name translates to 'Father's/Ancestor's garden'.

Radio Commercial #1:

Man: For a lots of weeks, months and years Lump of Lust Gaming kept on asking the same question: What if... what if the people finds the Cavern of Sorrow? Or will it find them? What if someone gets there? And maybe, just maybe, when Cavern of Sorrow finds them very well? What if there is just one more adventure? What if the people fight for it? What if they'll be at the 'Next Thing'? Out of Gorthback? But with Gorath of Backdar? Also with Lod Zad the Wizard? And we did! Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing!
Man 2: The game that's about adventure, looting, wondering, fighting and specialy personal society. The brand new online game that takes place in various places with new characters and the previous ones from preveious Cavern of Sorrow series games. Go for the hell tour for example in Santo Grial where the King 'Santa Phil' is known for being the hero in there. Also you can go to various famous places like Læssemaskine, Laueleele o Leiloa, İl Punto di svolta, Gral, El Krak, Shtern, Hulis, Masi-Ula, Atabakh, La multitud, Tonos, Representere, Gosto and Xīwàng. Fight with other players online, build and upgrade the city and go for the 'Next Thing'.
Boy #1: I got you babe, i got you Next Thing! I am the king!
Man: You can also experience the dominance online worldwide by being down to go to the Hell Tour!
Imagining Devil Voice: HELL TOUR!!!
Armenian Boy: Voch’ vok’ ch’i jakhjakhum im hayrenik’y ՝ Hulis! (No one crushes down my homeland Hulis!)
Azerbaijani Boy: Nə aldığınızı görək, axmaq! (Let's see what you got, you silly!)
Boy #2: I will get you out of the land you fool!
Man 2: Download the Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing now and experience the dominating the history of the world! Only on Drone and IFruit devices.

Radio Commercial #2:

Man: This time we need a thing or two about learning what's about the 'Next Thing'. Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing is the hope for you to see how it works!
Announcer: The Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing! Hi, I'm the announcer of the infamous Cavern of Sorrow. And i'm proud to tell you that the Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing has got a lot of players across the world. And we are proud to make updates for it. Prepare for the next update and fine the Cavern of Sorrow before it finds you!
Man 2: There will be 4 new maps added into the game. Number one, Vasiliádes, where you look for more finest resources and nutshells of brand new training camps here. Number two, Yeloston, where you train here and face with the giant monster known as 'Gāḍhā sōla' and make the greatest history. Number three, Burkhan, where you'll do the same as Vasiliádes but you'll find diffrent one's. And finally...
(Music changes to quiet lurks)
(Monster stomp sounds and then the monster's scream)
the part of the 'Next Thing'. It's not yet close to reach, but it is worthy to do so
(Monster screams)
The new map number four, Dìyù Xìbāo
(explotions and screams heard)
Man 2: The most dangerous place to live! Will your crew survive or you'll be screwed?
Man: There's also new characters added into the game like Frisky Felicity from Little Bitches, Space Monkey from Space Monkey series, Excelsior Extreme's mascot Jon Seana, Ruiner: The Friendly Cat Armored Mech and more. Make your own flag and plant it to your own place. More enemies , more weapons, more bosses, more spells and more adventure! Download the Cavern of Sorrow: Next Thing now!


  • These radio commercials refers such sexual thing like 'Cavern of Sorrow finding/getting them/you' refers to the real danger of pedophiles talking to kids in various online games. And especially 'Cavern of Sorrow finding them very well' might refer to real big and bad danger.
  • The 'Hell Tour' in first commercial with Armenian and Azerbaijani kid fighting refers to common relationships in between Armenians and Azerbaijanis and especially Nagorno-Karabakh War.
  • The 'Man 2' of the game's commercial is voiced by Paul Heyman.
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