Left Quotation Mark Nero
What the fuck are you laughing about man. Give me your fucking money or I will fucking kill you with drugs! I will kill you, WITH. DRUGS!
Right Quotation Mark Nero

Cedric “Switch” Meursault is a supporting character featured in The After Dark Scene. The older brother of Albert Meursault, Switch is always bullying him and stealing his money. He is available as an enforcer in Heists.


Cedric is the eldest, and the strongest of the Meursault trio, and as such, had free reign over his siblings. Cedric is extremely unpredictable, and can uncontrollably ‘Switch’ between personalities, garnered from a mental disorder. One moment he can be very nice and friendly, and without warning will turn hostile and threatening. Materialistic -and disturbed-, Cedric desires currency as it brings him happiness and fulfillment. Bad with names, Cedric does not bother with them and will address others in terms like “bro” and “man”, despite gender. He is also demented enough to think his threatening nature is nothing more than a joke, and enjoys seeing discomfort and even fear in others.

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