Character Creator is a main feature in Grand Theft Auto Revolution, it allows the player to create a unique character from the ground up.

The player is given a character upon starting the game which they can then choose their character's race, gender, appearance, voice and name. This process is entirely based on the aesthetic aspect of character creation, which has been greatly improved over Grand Theft Auto Online. Players can now edit facial and physical features in much greater detail or can choose a much simpler process which selects a random preset for the player.

Once players have completed customizing their character's appearance, they have to choose a background. The background chosen will determine the character's statistics, mentality and how the player enters the world of Revolution. They can choose to also undergo plastic surgery to change up their appearance.


Only two options are available: Male and Female.


The player can choose one of six races once they begin the process: Asian, African, Caucasian, European, Hispanic and Pacific Islander.


Players can customize a variety of aesthetic features (Facial Structure, Skin Tone, Size, Shape, Hair and Facial Hair)


Players can choose to have a silent protagonist or one of seven voices for their specific gender. Each voice is voiced by three different actors.

Male 1 Male 2 Male 3 Male 4 Male 5 Male 6 Male 7
Christian Bale Idris Elba Anton Yelchin Chris Hemsworth Bruce Willis Antonio Banderas Daniel Dae Kim
Jason Statham Jamie Foxx Danila Kozlovsky Eric Ladin Hugh Jackman Josh Brolin Dan Trejo Jet Li
Kevin McKidd Will Smith Gene Farber Jai Courtney Sylvester Stallone Clifford Chapin Javier Bardem Sendhil Ramamurthy
Female 1 Female 2 Female 3 Female 4 Female 5 Female 6 Female 7
Laci Green Beyoncé Knowles Agniya Ditkovskyte Melissa George Elizabeth Hurley Alexis Amore Bai Ling
Sasha Grey Kerry Washington Natalia Poklonskaya Teresa Palmer Lisa Ann Michelle Ruff Eva Mendes Michelle Yeoh
Uma Thurman Skin Diamond Olga Fadeeva Zoë Bell Michelle Pfeiffer Penélope Cruz Karen Strassman Tia Tanaka

Fighting Style

Players can pick many kinds of Fighting styles around the world for their Avatar or creating a unique one.


Background are separated into four different categories, each providing a unique story. 


  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Art & Design
  • Building Maintenance
  • Business
  • Community Services
  • Computer and Math
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Farming & Forestry
  • Food Services
  • Health & Medical
  • Healthcare Support
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Management
  • Natural Sciences
  • NEET
  • Office Administration
  • Organized Crime
  • Personal Care
  • Police
  • Private Security
  • Production
  • Sales
  • Student
  • Transportation


  • Hipster
  • Bodybuilder - The bodybuilder is only available for male characters due to conflicts with the story.


  • Cool
  • Brave
  • Heroic
  • Boastful
  • Psychopath
  • Masochistic
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