This is the list of characters appearing in Grand Theft Auto: North Yankton Stories.


Name Biography

Tommy Bell 

Tommy Bell is the owner of illegal liquor store in Ludendorff, North Yankton. He has much experience in the world of crime as his father is working as a hitman for Liberty City's mafia families  and he himself is a part-time associate of Daniel Drebin. Tommy is very calm man, but unpredictable and ferocious when angered.


Name Biography

Felipe Hocker

Wish Granted - Show's Over

Daniel Drebin introduces Tommy to Felipe Hocker, a businessman from Liberty City, who has hired Daniel's gang to steal rare and valuable vehicles for his collection while he's in Ludendorff overseeing the construction of a new chemical plant. Hocker is very egocentric man and when he tries to turn Tommy and Daniel against each other and not pay them for their services, he becomes Tommy's nemesis.

Mission Characters

Name Biography
Daniel Drebin

Eviction Order - Punishment

Daniel is the leader of Drebin Family, a small biker gang operating in Ludendorff and North Yankton. He's a lifelong friend of Tommy Bell and Tommy often helps him when needed. 

Name Biography
Nikki Laughton

Flowers for Janice - Family Ties

Nikki is Tommy's girlfriend. She doesn't like Tommy's involvement with Daniel and has a very difficult relationship with her pimp brother. Despite their disagreements, she and Tommy strongly love each other.

Name Biography
Billy G. Gilliam

Hijack - Show's Over

Billy is and old friend of Tommy and works in the local Ammu-Nation. Whenever Tommy needs some firepower, he can trust Billy

Name Biography

Klaus Laughton

Flowers for Janice - Family Ties (Killed)

Klaus is Nikki's pimp brother. He would like to make her sister one of his hookers, much to Nikki's disgust. Tommy doesn't take him seriously and even helps him couple of times, but when he sees Klaus beating up his sister, Tommy snaps and kills him.

Minor Characters



Wayne Heron

Wayne Heron has arrived from Liberty City to Ludendorff to "expand his businesses". Tommy kills him as self-defence when Heron threatens him with a gun.

Name Biography


Ebenizer is Felipe Hocker's former bodyguard, who, according to Hocker, has turned on his employer. Hocker sends Tommy to kill him, but when Ebenizer reassures his innocence, it's up to the player to decide should he be killed or spared.

Name Biography

Mike Armstrong

An officer of North Yankton State Patrol. Seen in few missions.

Name Biography

Val Drebin

Daniel's brother. Road captain of Drebin Family.

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