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Charles Geffrard
L&S Charles
Biographical information
Full name Charles Geffrard
Nickname(s) Charlie
Born 1977 in Port-au-Prince (age 40)
Citizenship Haitian
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Concatenatio advisor
Affiliations Concatenatio
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor David Oyelowo (Voice, Likeness, Motion Capture)

Charles Geffrard is a central character appear in Light & Shadow. Charles was advisor of the Concatenatio inner circle.


Charles born in Haiti capital city, Port-au-Prince. He grew up there for a while until his family moved to Haitian community in Vice City. While himself didn't attached too much to Haitian criminals activities in his neighborhood, he dreamed big and wanted to become a different kind of criminal - who fight with mind instead of gun.

At some point when he studied law, he met Stuart Walker who invites him to his company. Convinced by the company works, Charles joined the company after finishing his study.


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  • Charles Geffrard beta name is Charles Koch. He is originally intended to be English-South African instead of Haitian.


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