Krank: "The rest of the spies has known our plan!They should be two left,they must be at Sunny Pot. They wanted to sail to the sea and to Duin,stop them before they got into Duin!"

David: "Okay,okay. No need to shout"

-David and Krank

Chasing The Spies is the eighth storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist David Hudson by Krank Linton.

Location: Krank's Mansion, Moneyside Hill, Luken

For: Krank Linton

Reward: $380

Unlocks: An Old or New Enemy?(If Deal Wars is completed)

Unlock by: Knock Knock

Mission's Description

David meet Krank for some job but Krank has a bad news. The rest of the spies has run to Sunny Port to go to Duin,they discover their plan after knowing David kidnap Alex,Krank order David to go to the port to stop them.


You need to go to Sunny Port to stop the spies from fleeing to Duin. After you arrive,they both quickly enter the boat and drive off,they is a Seashark nearby;Use it to chase them. Shoot them to stop them,be careful because they will be shooting you too;Suddenly,their engine break down because of David's shooting and cause a fire. The boat explode,killing them both;Return to the shores before the police arrive. Call Krank to tell that both of them gone already,Krank thanks David and has send reward to his house and th mission in complete.


  • Go to the Port.
  • They is fleeing!Chase them with the Seashark.
  • Kill the Spies.
  • Go back to the shores.
  • Call Krank.


The Weazel News talk about an explotion happen at the sea near Duken. If the mission Deal Wars is complete.the next mission An Old or New Enemy? is unlock.